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Money jokes 💰💲 in 2022

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Nicholas who?
Nicholas half as much as a dime.

Where will you always find money?
– In a dictionary.

Where do frogs deposit their money?
– In a river bank.

I let my kids follow their dreams, unless I already paid the registration fee on their last dream, then they follow that for 6-8 more weeks.

If marriage is grand, then what is divorce?
– Ten grand!

What did one penny say to the other penny?
– Let’s get together and make some cents.

Why didn’t the man report it to the police when his credit card got stolen?
– Because the kind thief was spending less than the man.

What did the father do when his son wanted to go to a really expensive math university but didn’t have enough money?
– The father cosined for him.

How can you be sure you have counterfeit money? If it’s a three-dollar bill, you can be sure.

I now know why I used to love Christmas as a child. I did not have to pay for the gifts!

What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?
– Give me my quarterback.

Why do people say that if we want to get rich, we should keep our mouths shut?
– Probably because silence is supposed to be gold.

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