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Mustache Jokes in 2022

While living alone and always wearing a mask in public, I grew a mustache without anyone knowing.
-It’s my secret ‘stache.

Why is a mustache well ventilated at all times?
-Because it’s very h-airy.

People need to learn how to take a compliment…
-Just today I complimented the most epic mustache I’ve ever seen and the lady didn’t even say thanks.

I made a genuine compliment about a co-workers mustache
-I don’t know why she made such a big deal about it to HR.

Why are the careers of celebrity mustaches so short lived?
– They are hair today, gone tomorrow.

There’s a knock at the door
-The butler goes and answers the door
“Sir, there’s a man at the door with a mustache.”
“I’m not interested, tell him I’ve already got one!”

An Eskimo goes to the mechanic
-the mechanic says “It looks like you blew a seal.” and the Eskimo says “No, that’s just frost on my mustache.”

I went to a christening where the priest was wearing glasses, a fake nose, fake moustache and a wig…
-It was a blessing in disguise

The bigger the mustache and the better its appearance,
-the manlier the man.

I was thinking about shaving my mustache when November ended
-But it’s growing on me.

What did the man with the beard reply when the barber asked about trimming his mustache?
-Let it grow, let it grow, won’t hold it back anymore.

Accidentally told a joke at work today
-Lost a bet and had to grow a mustache.
Co-worker: “Hey booskadoo247, how do you like your mustache?”
booskado247: “It’s growing on me.”
Accidental Comedian strikes again!

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