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Mustache Jokes in 2023

An Eskimo goes to the mechanic
-the mechanic says “It looks like you blew a seal.” and the Eskimo says “No, that’s just frost on my mustache.”

I went to a christening where the priest was wearing glasses, a fake nose, fake moustache and a wig…
-It was a blessing in disguise

The bigger the mustache and the better its appearance,
-the manlier the man.

I was thinking about shaving my mustache when November ended
-But it’s growing on me.

What did the man with the beard reply when the barber asked about trimming his mustache?
-Let it grow, let it grow, won’t hold it back anymore.

Accidentally told a joke at work today
-Lost a bet and had to grow a mustache.
Co-worker: “Hey booskadoo247, how do you like your mustache?”
booskado247: “It’s growing on me.”
Accidental Comedian strikes again!

I told my SO that now Movember is over they should shave their mustache.
-She didn’t take it very well.

What’s the best way of choosing which mustache style to grow?
– Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.

My wife said my mustache brought out my personality.
-I replied, “Yeah, it’s growing on me”
(Thought of this one right before sleep, I’ll check on it in the morning)

If you have a beard and wear robes, you’re a Wizard. If you have a goatee and wear robes, you’re a Sorcerer…
-…and if you have a mustache and wear robes, you’re not allowed near public schools.

I moustache you a question…
-can you count the puns?

What’s worse than a man having a small mustache that he doesn’t take care of?
-A man not having any mustache at all.

Why do Italian boys always have mustaches?
-Because they want to be just like there mothers when they grow up.

Why was the man with no facial hair in pain after shaving?
-His must-ached.

I shaved my mustache after having kept it for a few years
-I hated the way I looked at first, but it’s growing on me.

I didn’t like my mustache so I decided to shave it
-Changed my mind last minute though because it had really grown on me

What would you call a mustache growing on someone’s cheek?
-A miss-tache!

what do you call a person obsessed with japanese gaming consoles?
-A Wiib.
Don’t touch my mustache.

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