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Cowboy jokes 🤠 in 2022

What did Kenny Rogers do after his favorite cowboy boots snapped into two pieces?
– In tribute to his cowboy boots, he wrote the song ‘You picked a fine time to leave me, loose heel’.

Is a cowboy with his foot across the Canadian border in Canada?
– Just aboot.

What do the Dallas Cowboys and possums have in common?
– Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!

What does the cowboy say after he is given a boring job at the factory?
– After a long, tiring day, he says that his work is howdy pressing!

What do you call a really happy cowboy?
– A jolly rancher!

How did the cowboy get to the hockey game?
– On a Zam-pony

What’s a cowboy’s least favorite car?
– A cattle-lack.

Knock, knock!

– Who is it over there?

– Howey.

– Howey who?

– Howey pardner.

In what fashion does a cowboy arrive at a hockey game?
– He usually arrives in a zam-pony!

Why can’t cowboys ever get the right answer in math class?
– Because they’re always rounding things up!

What do cowboys put on their pancakes?
– Log Cabin syrup

What do you call a cowboy who works in finance?
– The loan arranger.

What do you say when you see a cowboy who has placed his foot across the border of Canada?
– You say his leg is in Canada, just aboot!

Why do cowboys always ride horses?
– Because they’re far too heavy to carry!

What time is it when a cow sits on your cowboy hat?
– Time to get a new cowboy hat!

How do German cowboys greet each other?
– “Audi, partner!”

My vacuum broke, so I put a Dallas Cowboys sticker on it.
– It sucks again.

What did the cowboy say to his friend when his beloved dog left him?
– The first cowboy said, “It’s very unfortunate partner, but my doggone”.

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