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Cowboy jokes 🤠 in 2024

What time is it when a cow sits on your cowboy hat?
– Time to get a new cowboy hat!

My vacuum broke, so I put a Dallas Cowboys sticker on it.
– It sucks again.

What did Kenny Rogers do after his favorite cowboy boots snapped into two pieces?
– In tribute to his cowboy boots, he wrote the song ‘You picked a fine time to leave me, loose heel’.

How do German cowboys greet each other?
– “Audi, partner!”

What do you call a frog who wants to be a cowboy?
– Hopalong Cassidy.

What did the young cowboy say when his dog went missing?
– Doggone!

Why did the cowboy die with his boots on?
– Because he didn’t want to stub his toe when he kicked the bucket!

How do you keep the Dallas Cowboys out of your yard?
– Put up goal posts.

How do cowboys keep their cattle relaxed?
– By playing them some calming moooosic!

Two cowboys are lost in a desert. One cowboy sees a tree full of bacon and shouts, “It’s a bacon tree; we’re saved!”
– He runs toward the tree and gets shot.
– It wasn’t a bacon tree. It was a hambush.

In modern times, how does a millennial cowboy speak?
– He simply says, “Yeet Haw”!

Where do the cowboys usually feed all their hard of cattle?
– They usually feed their cattle at the calf-eteria!

Why did the cowboy adopt a dachshund?
– He wanted to get a long little doggy.

Why do cowboys always ride horses?
– Because they’re far too heavy to carry!

What do you call a bunch of millionaires sitting around watching the Super Bowl on TV?
– The Dallas Cowboys.

What is the perfect way to call a cowboy who is always without money despite being a film actor?
– You call him always broke Skint Eastwood!

Which kind of dinosaur can be found at a rodeo?
– A bronco-saurus!

Why did the cowboy make a bed out of straw?
– To feed his night mares.

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