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Boomer jokes ๐Ÿ‘ต in 2021

Thereโ€™s only one word you need to respond to a raging boomer.
– And thatโ€™s ok.

Why do baby boomers think not caring about the environment?
– is a personality trait

โ€Œโ€ŒI useโ€Œโ€Œd tโ€Œโ€Œo thinโ€Œโ€Œk alโ€Œโ€Œl blacโ€Œโ€Œk peoplโ€Œโ€Œe haโ€Œโ€Œd boomerboxes.
-Turneโ€Œโ€Œd ouโ€Œโ€Œt iโ€Œโ€Œt waโ€Œโ€Œs jusโ€Œโ€Œt โ€Œโ€Œa stereโ€Œโ€Œo type.

Boomers: kids these days don’t know what books are.
-**Gen Z:** We’re literally using the same textbooks you had. My math book references West Germany.

How many baby boomers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– None. They’ll leave it how it is, expect millennials to clean up after them, and call them selfish and entitled when they get called on it.

In Australia they prank call old people and just say OK boomer and hang up. Itโ€™s getting so popular it has a nameโ€ฆ
-Boomer rang

I have convinced my grandma that the baby boomers are as dependent on technology as us.
-When she said ” you millenials are so addicted to technology” I quickly glanced at her life support. That was the last time she said it.

Gonna ruin thanksgiving this year by saying ok boomer
-after the family prayer

What did the laser weapon say to the atom bomb?
-OK boomer.

How do boomers change a lightbulb
-They dont, they just keep talking about how great the old one was

I named my broken phone “ok boomer”. Last night, someone from Sydney called. I was surprised:
-Ok boomer rang

Why do so many Baby Boomers type so dang hard/loud?
– Does it have something to do with the first keyboards needing more force?

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