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Kidney jokes in 2022

NSFW My crush always told me we weren’t compatible…..
– Until she needed a kidney! Now I’ll be inside her forever

I passed my kidney stones with flying colors!
– But mostly red.

England doesn’t have a kidney bank
– But it does have a Liverpool.

How do you ask a kidney doctor if they are there?
– “Urine?”

Someone donates a kidney, gets called a hero…
– I donate 5 and get arrested.

Parents are like kidneys
– It’s ok with one but having two is the best.

What’s a kidneys favorite type of music?
– Organ music!

Kidney stones?
– I think I’ll pass.

My girlfriend likes golden meteor showers
– (I have kidney stones)

Are you my uncles kidney?
– Because you’re a failure.

I lost both my kidneys when I turned 18.
– Thankfully, they were immediately replaced by two adult knees.

I donated 1 kidney and they called me a lifesaver
– I donate two kidneys, they called me a hero.

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