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Camping jokes 🏕️ in 2022

Q: Where did the sheep go to camping?

– A: The Baa-hamas!

How do trees access the internet?

– They log in.

Q: When’s the only time and place most teens go camping?
– A: In front of Best Buy the day before the release of the new Call of Duty!

The seaside camping trip was so boring that one day the tide went out and never came back.

What kind of bagels do all the campers eat?
– A Winnebago.

What do pine trees always wear when they go camping near a lake?
– They wear swimming trunks.

Can a frog jump higher than the average tent?
– Of course, tents can’t jump.

Q: What did the polar bears say when they saw tourists in sleeping bags?

– A: “Sandwiches!”

I slept like a log last night.
– I woke up on the campfire…

Why did the robot decide to go camping?
– Because it needed to recharge its batteries.

Which day of the week is the best for going camping at the beach?
– It’s Sun-day.

When can kids jump higher than their camping tent?
– Always, tents can’t jump!

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