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Alligator jokes 🐊 in 2023

What do you call an alligator with compass?
– A Navi-gator.

What does an alligator do when he loses his tail?
– Goes to a re-tail store.

Billy Bob parked his rig in Florida for a few days before driving back home. He was about to dive into the surf but figured he’d better check out the alligator situation with the townsfolk. “Nope, no gators here,” a local as- sured him.
Billv Bob had swum out 50 led before his
brain kicked in again. “Hey. how come there
ain’t no gators in here?” he yelled back to the
guy onshore.
“Because they’re afraid of the sharks,” came
the reply.

An alligator asked an electric eel, “hey, can I touch you?”
– Electric eel: Yes, but I’d have to charge you.

Why did the alligator cross the road?
– It was going after the chicken.

What’s worse than a big, hungry alligator chasing you?
– Two big, hungry alligators chasing you.

Who gives alligators their Christmas presents?
– Santa Jaws

What’s the most popular basketball move among gators?
– The Alli-oop

Did you hear about the croc and rooster that had a kid together?
– It was a crocadoodledoo.

A blonde walks into a shop and wants a pair of alligator boots.
– The shopkeeper tells her they do not sell expensive items to blondes.

After becoming very frustrated with the shopkeepers attitude the blonde declares. FINE ILL JUST GO CATCH AN ALLIGATOR AND GET MY OWN BOOTS!

The shopkeeper replied why don’t you just try young lady with a smirk.
r>So the blonde heads out to the swamp absolutely determined to catch an alligator. Later in the day the shopkeeper drives by and noticed the Young lady waist deep in water with a shotgun in her hands.

He stops and watches as a very large alligator swims right at her. With lighting fast reflexes she throws the gun up and shoots the alligator killing it instantly.

He keeps watching as she drags the alligator to a pile of 6 or 7 more. As he rolls down the window to ask why she needs so many Gators for one pair of boots she rolls it over and shouts.


How do you fit an alligator in a Safeway bag?
– You take the ‘s’ out of ‘safe’, and you take the ‘f’ out of ‘way’

What’s an alligator’s favorite dip?
– Croc-amole.

What do you call an alligator that is always stirring up trouble?
– An instigator.

What is the difference between a croc and a noisy dog?
– One has a bite worse than his bark.

What do you call a mix between a pig and an alligator…
– A baconator

How does a Japanese alligator express its gratitude?
– Aligato

What does an alligator feel like?
– A alligator.

The crocodile hunter’s “Steve Irwin” family is suing an Australian sunscreen company.
– The sunscreen failed to protect him from harmful rays.

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