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Engineering Jokes 👷 in 2022

Looking for a boyfriend in engineering
-the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

I used to skip the first episode of every series
-because I have no interest in aerospace engineering

I have a russian friend who’s a sound engineer.
-And a Czech one too, and a Czech one too.
Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

The interesting the about engineering Toilet Paper.
-It’s an a-ply-ed science.

Engineering Professor (who has kids) got our entire lecture
-Prof: “What’s a hydraulic ram used for?” “Its where you get steel wool!” Lecture students: groans/laughs

Do locomotive engineers ever actually do their job?
-Or are they always just training?

What did the electrical engineer have for breakfast?
-An ohmelette.

I miss the old days of railway
-when the engineer had plenty of esteem.

How can you tell an Engineer is an extrovert?
-They are looking at your shoes when they talk to you instead of their own.

Just started listening to a podcast hosted by two chemical engineers.
-Most of what they say goes over my head, but they gave great chemistry.

What did the structural engineer say to the architect?
-Nice buttress.

Did you see the headline that Genetic Engineers are experimenting with odd combinations of animals in order to come up with new species? This article was talking about people trying to combine a bull with a possum.
-While the scientific community is responding with skepticism, I think it’s a possum-bull.

I heard that scientist are trying to genetically engineer a pig to have wings.
-It seems far fetched to me. I’ll believe it when pigs fly

I passed my degree in sound engineering.
-I got 1-2-1-2!

He’s going to college for mechanical engineering and MR degrees.
-Friend: What kind of orange is that? Me: A navel orange? Friend: So how is that different from an army orange? Me: …

I have a Polish friend who is a sound engineer
-And a Czech one, too.

You know I hate engineer students sometimes.
-For example I hate it when engineer students call themself engineers like you don’t hear med students calling themself doctors or art students calling themself the next hitler

What did the electrical engineer say when he got shocked?
-That hertz.

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