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Engineering Jokes 👷 in 2022

I just finished my masters in engineering with a concentration in adhesives…
-Within the next year I want to publish my first book on tape.

3 engineers were arguing about who designed the human body
-1: it has to be a CompSci engineer, judging by the brain’s complexity
2: you’re wrong, it was a Mechanics engineer, look at the muscle and skeleton systems working as one

What do you call a software engineer doing squats?
-A back-end developer

What to give your favorite electrical engineer for his birthday?

Old Software Engineers Never Die…
-They just reboot.

Two wifi engineers got married.
-Their reception was fantastic. anymore!

Where in the World Can You Find the Highest Concentration of Engineers?
-Antarctica! Because that’s where all the P. Enguins are!

When engineering professors try to tell jokes.
-We were doing a lab using diesel engines.

A train engineer believed a hospital ship was the site of secret government conspiracy and decides to ram it with his train.
– Now that’s what I call a loco-motive.

Civil engineer fired after forgetting how to design electricity-generating water barriers.
-He lost his dam mind.

I immediately thought it was the best idea to check if at least the engine was still able to run before deciding to get a mechanic to assess the situation. I put the key in and gave it a go but I got nothing
-I guess the car was two tired.

What did the Railroad Engineer say to his apprentice?
-You need more training.

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