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Pizza Jokes 🍕 in 2024

What pizza do dogs eat?

Making a deep dish pizza is surprisingly super easy!
-It’s a pizza cake!

I like how my local pizza place cuts my pizza into 6 slices instead of 8
-I can’t finish 8 slices

Being a pizza delivery person and a comedian is hard work.
– You have the right stuff, but sometimes you get the delivery wrong.

BTW, they fired me from my pizza delivery job.

A pizza died yesterday
– Apparently it topped itself

How do you get the Arizona State grad off your front porch?
-Pay for the pizza.

I burnt my Hawaiian pizza today
-Should’ve used aloha temperature

Why don’t we hear many jokes about pizza?
-They’re too cheesy.

What type of person doesn’t love pizza?
-A weirdough.

What did the retired priest call his pizza shop?
-Cheesus Crust

It takes more effort to order a pizza than have a child
-Have you ever ordered a pizza by accident?

What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?
-My pizza jokes can’t be topped!

What do a T-Rex, a thot, and my pizza have in common?
-They’re all meat lovers

My pizza is burnt, my beer is frozen and my girlfriend is pregnant…
-…I can’t pull anything out in time!

What did the parmesan say when it broke up with the mozzarella?
-Sorry but I am too mature for you.

[Dumb] What do you call someone who cuts pizza with a machete?
-Chasin Fourcheese

Why did the math book look so sad?
– Because of all of its problems!

What did the pizza say when it asked the topping out on a date?
-I never sausage a beautiful face.

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