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Crow jokes in 2022

Two crows were fighting and another crow came and broke it up.
– “Stop carrion on like that,” the third crow said.

Did you hear about the crow who got arrested for trying to start a social club?
– He was charged with attempted murder… I’ll see myself out

I whisper my sins to crows
– So my parents can’t hear me confess to a murder

My pet raven, Poe, started coughing… thought it was Corvid-19, but then the bird flu away.
– Think I will see him nevermore.

What are two crows sitting on a bench called?
– An attempted murder.

How does an antisocial crow say about a family party?
– “It was murder”.

The cawllarborne of the skinny crow was so pronounced.

Why are crows wearing masks?
– So they don’t catch CORVID – 19

One of my friends who hates crows, looked at a flock of crows, I saw murder in his eyes.

Did you hear about the guy who killed a group of catholic crows?
– It was Mass murder

What is the name of the final exam you take when studying bird law?
– The crow bar.

How do the crows in Texas greet each other?
– Yee-caw

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