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Crow jokes in 2024

What did the nervous crow do?
– The crow proceeded with caw-tion.

Crows prefer carrion, so their bags are never checked at the airport.

Two crows were fighting and another crow came and broke it up.
– “Stop carrion on like that,” the third crow said.

What did one crow say to the other after the party?
– We were raven

Wondering what crows wear during Halloween, well, they wear caw-stumes.

I thought the wind settled down a bit so I could go for a walk. Then a crow flew past my window.
– Backwards.

What’s a crow’s favorite dessert?
– A pecawn pie.

What did the teenage crow want for his birthday?
– A brand new caw!

Crows go to get their shopping at Cawst Co.

Went on a walk today. Had a couple of crows following me around.
– I’m pretty sure I have the corvid.

Did you heard about the zombie crow?
– He wants to eat your grains.

Why was the caffeine addicted crow agitated?
– Because of the caw fee.

A crow asks a lady to donate to it’s charity
– ‘Whats your charity called?’ , asks the lady.

– ‘ CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW! ‘ , said the crow,

– ‘ It’s four good caws’

Did you hear about the crow who got arrested for trying to start a social club?
– He was charged with attempted murder… I’ll see myself out

I whisper my sins to crows
– So my parents can’t hear me confess to a murder

My pet raven, Poe, started coughing… thought it was Corvid-19, but then the bird flu away.
– Think I will see him nevermore.

What are two crows sitting on a bench called?
– An attempted murder.

How does an antisocial crow say about a family party?
– “It was murder”.

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