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Crow jokes in 2022

What did Russel Crowe say to the press when his son was convicted of cannibalism?
– I was glad he ate her.

The crow decided to dress up as Corvid-19 virus for the Halloween costume party.

What do you call a plan to kill a bunch of crows that are hanging around on a gravestone?
– A plot to murder a murder plot’s murder.

What did the nervous crow do?
– The crow proceeded with caw-tion.

What do you call it when a raven marries a crow?
– A conspiracy to commit to murder.

To resolve the internal issues at the office, crows involved their cawnflict mediators.

A group of crows is usually called a ‘murder.’ Technically, it’s only a manslaughter unless there is probable caws.

Which Halloween treat is going to keep a crow up all night?
– A crowfee apple.

Do you know why you never see a crow dead in the road?
– Because he has a buddy on the side yelling “KAAAA…KAAAA”

TIL that a flock of crows is called a murder.
– Thus apparently, gangsta rap lyrics are mostly about ornithology.

What do you call a bunch of ravens pretending to be crows?
– A conspiracy to commit murder!

A crow was caught recently breaking quarantine laws.
– They charged him with attempted murder.

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