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Crow jokes in 2024

Crows prefer carrion, so their bags are never checked at the airport.

Two crows were fighting and another crow came and broke it up.
– “Stop carrion on like that,” the third crow said.

What did the nervous crow do?
– The crow proceeded with caw-tion.

There was a crow outside my window this morning that would not shut up.
– Turns out he way had too much CAAW-fee.

On Halloween night a group of crows decided to enact a scene from the play Julius Ceaser, they were enacting the caw-nspiracy scene.

What did the crow said when it saw a car coming?
– Cawr.

Where do crows go to get chill and relax?
– They go to a crowbar.

Ever heard of Cawsmopolitan?
– It is one of the crows best magazines.

He has some good puns on crows, but he doesn’t have to keep crowing about it.

If a group of crows is called a ‘murder’, and two crows are an ‘attempted murder’, what do you call eighteen crows?
– Pretty close to a pandemic in 2020.
– (Corvid-18! Geddit Reddit?)

– Yeah-yeah I made it up, not sorry… yet…

The difference between a raven and a crow.
– A raven has 17 primary wing feathers, the big ones at the end of the wing. They are called pinion feathers.

– A crow has 16.

– So, the difference between a raven and a crow is basically a matter of a pinion.

If the Stork brings good babies, and the Crow bring bad babies, what brings no babies?
– The Swallow

TSA stopped me while I was boarding my flight and said “Sir, you can’t bring that crow onto the aircraft.”
– I said “Don’t worry. It’s a carrion.”

Did I tell you about the time I took a bunch of crows to the asylum?
– I committed a murder.

What kind of birds always stick together?
– Vel-Crows!!!!

What do you call a covid 19 virus that targets crows and ravens?
– Corvid-19.

What do crows take for their gut issues?
– They take crow-biotics.

After graduating from high school, crows go to caw-lleges for further studies.

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