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Karen jokes in 2024

What does Karen do when she wants to see all her friends?
– She closes her eyes.

What’s a Karen’s favorite band?
– The police.

Two Karens are out having dinner
– The waiter stopped by their table and said “is anything ok?”

What is a group of dogs called?
A pack
What is a group of humans called?
A gathering
What is a group of Karen’s called?
– A complaint

Karen enters a store
“M’am, you’re not allowed in unless you wear a mask.

— I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask !

— I’m really sorry you have a medical condition that prevents you from entering this store, then.”

What’s a heard of Karen’s called?
– Kunts

What does a karen do when they get mad at a computer?
– They demand to see the task-manager!

To the kids of ‘Karen’s’, yo mama so fat
– She bounced back from hell.

What do you call three Karens walking into a bar?
– The KKK

– I’ll see myself out

Why did the Karen scream at the cashier that buying a lot of something should decrease the total price?
– She was trying to get a volume discount.

What do you call a Karen in Russia?
– Fellow comrad

Why was Karen’s unvaccinated two year old crying?
– Midlife crisis

A Group of Karens
– Is the collective noun for a group of angry, uneducated and entitled white women called a trump of Karens?

How do you call a woman who makes life hell for doctors in the ICU?
– Intensive Karen.

Karen came into my restaurant the other day and asked, “Can you tell me about the menu please?”
– So I kicked her out and told her that the men I please are none of her business!!

How do you date a Karen?
– Preferably by the C12 method.

I feel bad for all the nice women named Karen who have to deal with the bad stereotype of asking for managers. Sharon’s too..
– Because Sharon is Karen

A Karen went to Bethlehem.
– She asked to see the manger.

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