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Karen jokes in 2021

Karen came into my restaurant the other day and asked, “Can you tell me about the menu please?”
– So I kicked her out and told her that the men I please are none of her business!!

What city do all Karens come from?

Police arrested two Karens yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one – and let the other off.

Why did Karen press Ctrl+Alt+Delete?
– She wanted to see the task manager.

Karen got hired to an offshore rig during the pandemic.
– She’s an essential oil worker now.

A Karen went to Bethlehem.
– She asked to see the manger.

A Group of Karens
– Is the collective noun for a group of angry, uneducated and entitled white women called a trump of Karens?

Karen goes to the psychic…
– “Two men, Bob and Carl, both want to marry me. Who will be the lucky one?”
– “You will marry Bob. Carl will be the lucky one.”

The first Karen to get sick was..
– Impatient Zero

What is a group of dogs called?
A pack
What is a group of humans called?
A gathering
What is a group of Karen’s called?
– A complaint

Why canโ€™t Karens get anything done on a Windows computer?
– They keep summoning the Task Manager

What’s a heard of Karen’s called?
– Kunts

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