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Karen jokes in 2021

Why did Karen marry Plankton?
– Because now she can always speak to the manager.

Damn these Karens.
– They crazy as hell.
– Lot of emโ€™ need 2 be in stray jackets somewhere.

Why are Karen’s so bad robbers?
– Because they don’t wear a mask

What happens when a Karen and a Boomer crash into each other?
– KaBoom!

What are Karenโ€™s favorite candy?
– Entitle-mints

I get why Karenโ€™s hate wearing face masks
– Because they make mouth breathers smell their own breath

What kind of clothing do Karens wear?
– A lawsuit.

PLEASE stop being Karens & attacking essential workers who have to follow the crazy emergency protocols set in place by their employers

What is a Karen called in Europe
– An American

I really don’t understand how Karenโ€™s arenโ€™t in better shape…
– Theyโ€™re always stretching the truth and jumping to conclusions

What do schizophrenic Karens do for a living?
– They are managers.

Why donโ€™t Karens wear masks?
– Because they are mouth-breathers.

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