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Bear Jokes 🧸 in 2024

How did the polar bear walk in the snow?

What would bears be without bees?

What is a polar bear’s favorite snack?
– Brrrrrittos.

Where do polar bears keep their money?
-In a snow bank.

How does a bear stop a movie?
-They hit the paws button.

What do you call two polar bears jerking each other off?

Did you know you only need two letters to spell panda?
– You need a P and A.

How do you know when a bear is moving house?
-They put up a ‘fur sale’ sign up.

Why didn’t the teddy bear want any dessert?
– He was already stuffed.

What’s a bear’s favorite thing to draw?
-A self pawtrait!

What do you call a teddy bear and a pig?
– A teddy boar.

What type of socks do bears wear?
-They don’t wear anything! They go bear-foot.

What is a koala’s favorite exercise?

What do you call a freezing bear?
– A brrrr!

What do you call a bear who practices dentistry?
-A molar bear.

Why didn’t the baby leave his momma?
-Because he couldn’t bear it!

The grizzly bear needed to stop the movie
-but he couldn’t find the paws button.

How do bears keep their houses cool in the summer?
– They use bear conditioning.

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