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Bear Jokes 🧸 in 2023

What is a polar bear’s favorite snack?
– Brrrrrittos.

Where do polar bears keep their money?
-In a snow bank.

How does a bear stop a movie?
-They hit the paws button.

How did the polar bear walk in the snow?

What would bears be without bees?

What do you call a panda that lost his food?

What is the only cheese a bear can smell?

What do you call a polar bear in Florida?
-A solar bear.

What do you call a polar bear with a hole in his belly?
-A polo bear.

Why did God create Yogi bear?
-Because on his first try he made a Boo-Boo.

What do you get if you cross a skunk with a bear?
-Winnie the PU!

Polar bears are cheap to feed
-they only eat ice.

Why don’t bears eat fast food?
– They can’t catch it!

How did the grizzly walk in the snow?
-Bear footed.

What’s a bear’s favorite after-school activity?
-Cub Scouts!

A panda enjoys watching films because they’re
-in black and white.

What do bears pack in their suitcases?
– Only the bear necessities.

What is a polar bear’s favorite cereal?
– Ice Crispies.

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