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Titanic jokes 💑🚢🧊🌊 in 2024

Maybe the Titanic really was a ship of dreams…
– and its dream was to be a submarine.

What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?
– Half-way

What passengers were happy that the Titanic sank?
– The lobsters in the kitchen.

I like to talk about the Titanic whenever i meet someone new
– To break the ice

A man is standing on the bow of the Titanic as it is sinking, holding a glass of whiskey.
– He says: “I asked for ice, but this is ridiculous”

What’s the similarity between 6th Sense and Titanic?
– Icy dead people.

my grandfather knew the Titanic was going to sink and kept yelling for everyone to get off
– he got kicked out of the theater that day

Imagine the Titanic with a Lisp
– It’s unthinkable

My grandfather kept on warning everyone that the titanic was gonna sink, but no one listened to him.
– Finally, they had enough of him and kicked him out the theater.

Did you hear about the Cop who arrested an innocent Iceberg because he thought it looked like the one that sunk the Titanic?
– He was fired for Glacial Profiling.

When I meet someone new I always try to start a conversation about the Titanic
– Yes, I know. It’s a terrible ice breaker.

What’s a horrible icebreaker?
The titanic

The Titanic disaster happened 106 years ago today…
– Just let that sink in

Why did Titanic leave its date?
– He couldn’t brake the ice

I went into the local library and asked if they had any books on the Titanic. “Oh yes, quite a few.” the librarian said.
– “Sorry to hear that!” I said laughing. “They’ll all be ruined by now!”

TIL the pool on the titanic is still filled with water to this day.
– Oh wait…

(This one’s a tad dark… you’ve been warned) What do the movies The 6th Sense and Titanic have in common?
– Icy dead people

A magician performs magic tricks on the Titanic before it sinks.
– In the crowd there is a parrot that somehow always knows whats going on.
He pulls a string of hankerchiefs out of his sleeve: “AWCK, he pulls it from his inner pocket!”
He pulls a rabbit out of a hat: “AWCK, A false bottom!”
He saws a girl in half: “AWCK, there are two girls!”

Then disaster strikes, and the ship goes down and only the magician and the parrot are left on a makeshift raft. “AWCK! okay, I give up, how did you make the ship disappear?!”

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