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Octopus Jokes 🐙 in 2023

What story do octopus parents read to their kids?…
– Octopuss in boots.

Why is the octopus such a good cook?
– Because he’s a chef-alopod!

What do you call an octopus with a hat?…
– An octopus with a hat of course.

Why is the octopus the most popular animal?
– Because it’s tenta-cool!

Why did the octopus beat the shark in a fight?…
– Because the octopus was well armed.

I heard on the news that the police were looking for a runaway octopus
– They said he was armed and dangerous

What does the octopus have on its toast?
– Ocean current jam!

Why did the octopus blush?…
– He saw the bottom of the ocean.

What does the octopus have on its toast?
– Ocean current jam!

What is a play on words among sea creatures?…
– Octopuns.

Why is the octopus always bored? …
– Because he never finds anything interest-ink!

Why did the octopus have to leave the party?
– It pulled a mussel dancing!

Why does an octopus make a great drill sergeant?
– Because it’s arm-y

What do you call a job for an octopus?…
– It’s octopation

What is an octopus’s favourite food?…
– Ten-tacos!

What breed of cat has eight legs and loves to swim?
– An octo-pussy cat!

Why do octopuses love camping?
– They sleep in tent-icles!

What is the octopuses favorite shape?…
– An octagon

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