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Super Bowl jokes 🏈🏆 in 2022

What do you call a Lions player with a Super Bowl ring?
– A Thief

I downloaded the last Super Bowl and finally watched it on VLC
– Turns out you can love the player and hate the game

What makes the best team?
– The one team without a reserve!

What kind of pastry do defensive backs eat before playing the big game?
– Turnovers!

Why do Seahawks fans keep their season tickets on their dashboards?
– So they can park in handicap spaces.

Super bowl time! Can YOU pass a football?
– am surprised you could even swallow one!

Man, I love the Super Bowl…
– But I still have no idea what the football bits are for.

Why was the tiny ghost asked to join the Super Bowl football team?
– They needed a little team spirit.

What do Superbowl players do when they get overheated?
– They get closer to the fans.

How many Detroit Lions does it take to win a Superbowl?
– No one knows, and we may never find out!

Super Bowl Halftime
– At halftime it’s Maroon 5 Patriots 3 Rams 0

There are many footballers, but which one wears the biggest cleats?
– The footballer with the big feet!

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