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Eye jokes 👁️👁️ in 2022

What did the patient say when the optometrist asked him if he ever had his eyes checked out?
– The man said, “Not really. They have always been blue.”

Why are our eyes undoubtedly the most important part of the body?
– Probably because they always focus on what matters.

Who can help you with the case if you lose your glass eyeball?
– A P Eye.

What happens after you rub ketchup in your eyes?
– You feel silly in Heinz sight.

What do you call a pig three eyes?
– A piiig

Where can you always locate the eye?
– Exactly between H and J.

What happened when the man could see clearly after a long time?
– He was very ex-eye-ted to see.

What did the comedian who only tells bad eyes puns say?
– He said, “bad puns are they way eye roll.”

What did the snowman tell his son?
– He said, “I told you not to cross your eyes because they’d freeze that way.”

Why did the phone wear glasses?
– He’d lost all of his contacts.

What would you call a deer with no eyes?
– No eye deer.

Why did the phone start wearing glasses?
– Probably because he lost all his contacts.

What do the eyes use every time to communicate with each other?
– They use eye-phones.

Why do doctors say carrots are good for our eyes?
– That’s because nobody has ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?
– Fsh.

What did the optometrist tell the judge when he was in court?
– He said, “Iris my case.”

Have you heard about the man that got some salt in his eyes?
– Now it’s become see salt.

Why did the therapist suggest anger management to the eye?
– Because he told her, “Eyelash out whenever Eye’m mad.”

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