Yoda Jokes in 2021

Why was Yoda afraid of 7
-Because 9 7 8

What did Yoda said to Princess Lea after separating with Han Solo
-” May divorce be with you “

What is Jabba the Huttโ€™s middle name? The.
-What do you call Chewbacca when he chocolate stuck in his fir? A chocolate chip Wookie.

Baby Yoda’s first word
– Probably came after his second word.

What did Yoda say when he moved to Menominee?
-Now in U.P. MI !

If I buy a Prius, Iโ€™ll make sure to put a bobblehead Yoda figurine on the dash
– Then Iโ€™ll have a toy Yoda in my Toyota.

Why didn’t anyone trust Yoda with driving?
– Because every time off course, he was.

Did you hear they finally revealed Yoda’s surname on that new Star Wars show??
-I can’t believe it’s Layheehoo

What type of car did Yoda eat?
-A BMW i8

What did the Yoda say to his apprentice who kept failing at using the Force?
-Don’t worry, Wan Kenobi perfect!

What is Yodaโ€™s last name?
-Lay Hee Hoo

With all the Mandalorian hype, I had asked my rich uncle for a first edition toy Yoda for Christmas
-But all he gave me was some junky old car. person who gets it.


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