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League Of Legends jokes in 2024

Why are Americans bad at League?

– They can’t defend their towers.

Q: Why does Teemo live in a small house?

– A: Because he doesn’t need mushroom.

Q: What do you call Annie after first blood?

– A: A woman.

Q: Why did Sivir lose the spelling bee?

– A: She could only spell shield!

Cassiopeia always knows how much she weighs thanks to all her scales.

Q: What do you call a Bronze team with Nurse Akali, Dr. Mundo, Kennen MD, Soraka, and Surgeon Shen?

– A: Doctors without borders.

A Korean boy killed his best friend after losing three games in a row in League of Legends.
– The media are currently blaming the Jungler.

Q: What is Vaynes favourite website?

– A: Tumblr

The chef thought that Ekko must really love his cooking, because Ekko keeps coming back four seconds.

Sometimes Volibear tells me jokes, but I just can’t bear them.

Q: Why is Yasuo never locked out of his house?

– A: Because he always Hasaki!

Lee Sin walks into a bar.

– And a table.
– And a chair.

“If you are having trouble with Zed, go to options.
– Turn off shadows.”

I could make a blacksmith joke, but that would be too c-Ornny.

Q: Why is Master Yi’s Q so buggy?
– A: Because it’s “alpha” strike!

“I hear Yorick is gay”

– “Why?”
– “I hear he really digs graves”

Q: What do you call a Malphite getting a double kill against Azir and Anivia?

– A: Killing two birds with one stone.

When a Warwick goes off vision, you should watch out for the wherewolf.

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