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League Of Legends jokes in 2022

Q: What do you do to a toxic Zyra?

– A: You repot her!

Why did the manaless Syndra run from the teamfight?

– She didn’t have the balls.

Why does Soraka throw bananas?
– Because she’s the only support that can’t peel.

Q: What do you call it when Renekton rushes a chain vest?

– A: An In-vest-igator!

That is a married man, don’t be a Ohmwrecker!

Q: Why can’t Olaf find a handicapped parking spot?

– A: He can’t be disabled.

Who is the smartest female Champion?

– Jinx. She got A’s while the rest got D’s.

The jury condemned an innocent man in Vayne.

Where’s the good boy?
– Darius!

Q: Why is Zilean the master of time?
– A: Because he’s got a Zilean clocks!

Q: What do you call a Malphite getting a double kill against Azir and Anivia?

– A: Killing two birds with one stone.

When a Warwick goes off vision, you should watch out for the wherewolf.

I used to know a really good LoL joke, but then i fURGOT how it went.

I will not give you a dental health evaluation, I am Nashor tooth doctor.

Q: Why is Twisted Fate an illegal immigrant?

– A: Because he doesn’t have a green card!

Twisted Fate could not immigrate to the land of opportunity.
– He did not have a green card.

You shouldn’t take a diver like Malphite for granite.

How much does the butcher of the sands weigh?
– A renek ton.

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