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League Of Legends jokes in 2021

Why does Teemo live in a small house?

– He doesnโ€™t need mushroom.

Cassiopeia always knows how much she weighs thanks to all her scales.

Q: What do you call a Bronze team with Nurse Akali, Dr. Mundo, Kennen MD, Soraka, and Surgeon Shen?

– A: Doctors without borders.

We all got 40% bonus movement speed. Shurleya that must be huge buff?

A Korean boy killed his best friend after losing three games in a row in League of Legends.
– The media are currently blaming the Jungler.

Teemo resides in a humble cottage, he does not need mushroom.

You only need to own a Zilea clocks to be a master of time.

Kennenyone tell me why the weather is so stormy?

I made my summoner name ‘jokeaboutaredditmoderator’ on League of Legends
– The enemy team kept deleting me

Q: What is Vaynes favourite website?

– A: Tumblr

The chef thought that Ekko must really love his cooking, because Ekko keeps coming back four seconds.

Sometimes Volibear tells me jokes, but I just canโ€™t bear them.

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