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Beaver jokes 🦦 in 2022

What did the river say when it saw beavers for the first time?
– “Well, I’ll be dammed.”

What did the wife beaver say to her astronaut husband?
– You are otter this world.

The builder beaver decided to launch a new liquid dam-building product, but the market was too saturated.

The date I took to the AC/DC concert had buck teeth, giving her a cute beaver smile
– She was the best dam woman I had even seen

What do you call a communist beaver?
– A dam commie

Do you know what a beavers’ favorite snack is?
– Wood chips.

The beavers avoid going deep-diving now.
– They saw one beaver hitting rock bottom.

Why did the beaver need an alarm clock?
– It was too dam early.

The bear was celebrating his birthday when the beaver showed up.
– The bear said: “I didn’t invite you.”
– The beaver replied: “I’m the beaver. I show up whenever the dam I want because I work on the dam.”

I just watched a documentary about beavers.
– It was the best dam show I’ve ever seen

Who cleans all the mess created by beavers after their beach trip?
– Mer-maids.

Why are beavers only found in freshwaters?
– Because they don’t like stale water.

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