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Beaver jokes 🦦 in 2023

What’s worse than a dead muskrat under your piano?
– A diseased beaver on your organ.

What is a naughty beavers’ favorite type of wood ever?
– Knotty pine.

What did the beaver say to the river?
– Meet me around the bend.

What did the Canadian beaver reply when someone called him lazy?
– He said the symbol can’t be lazy.

What did the river say when it saw beavers for the first time?
– “Well, I’ll be dammed.”

Why was the beaver not arrested when he jumped into the Nile?
– Because he was a juve’nile.

What did the river ask the beaver?
– “Water you doing today?”

What’s a beaver’s favorite snack?
– Wood chips.

What is a beaver’s favorite snack?
– Wood chips.

What did the beaver find after his home was destroyed by a flood?
– Not a dam thing.

Heard about the beaver who can split huge logs with his eyes?
– Yes, he just saw the logs, and they broke into two.

Beaver jokes can be pretty dam funny.

Why was the beaver dirty?
– He was a recluse beaver who liked to scare people with his smell.

A rabbit and a beaver are looking up at the majesty of the Hoover Dam
And the beaver says to the rabbit
– “Well I didn’t build it but it’s based on my design”

Hey girl, are you a beaver?
– Cause damn.

Heard about the devoted beaver who crossed the turbulent river?
– He took a leap of faith!

Where do beavers go for a hair cut?
– To the bobber shop.

The beavers avoid going deep-diving now. They saw one beaver hitting rock bottom.

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