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Millennial jokes in 2023

Millennials don’t get this…
– Low college tuition rates.

What’s the difference between Elvis and a millennial’s spirit?
– Some people still think Elvis is alive

Amazeballs is millennial for “cool”,
– But it’s also Native American for “hush puppies”.

Did you hear about the millennial pharmacist that got fired?

They fired him because he didn’t believe in labels.

Saw a bird eating a piece of avocado toast.
– Guess it was some kind of millennial falcon.


If I had a dollar for every time older people complained about Millennials…
– …I could fix the economy they broke.

Trump shutting down the border would be the best thing for millennials
– Once the avocado market dries up they can finally pay off their student loans and buy a house

Dogs, Not Marriage or Kids, Motivate Millennials to Buy Homes
– I don’t know how they afford it though.

Dogs are expensive.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?
– Because 7 is a “politically correct” millennial that shames 6 for his “even-number privilege”.

If a millennial asks you…
– If a millennial asks you why people in old photos have red eyes

“Maybe if Millennials spent less on brunch and more on practical physics they could travel to 1974 and afford a house. Just a thought.”
– — @i_zzzzzz

If I had a dollar for every time older people complained about millennials…
– …I could fix the economy they broke.

While we’re at it, millennials might be blamed for killing off some stores, but baby boomers are killing the whole planet,
– so it’s a little uneven…

Why doesn’t Santa have any millennial elves?
– Because there are already enough snowflakes at the North Pole.

What do you call the pilot of the Millennial Falcon?
– Hans YOLO!

Why can’t Millennials take a joke?
– Because the jokes always hit a little too close to their parent’s house.

What do millennial eskimos do Friday night with girls they like?
– Net fish and chill.

What device did God use to communicate with millennials?
– A tablet.

But not from Apple.

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