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Millennial jokes in 2023

Millennials don’t get this…
– Low college tuition rates.

How many millennials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– 1 to hold the bulb and wait for the world to revolve around them!

What does a millennial cowboy say?
– Yeet Haw!

How many Millennials does it take…
– to screw in a lightbulb?

None. Their parents will do it for them.

Hear about the game of Life Millennial Edition?
– There are 27 different pegs for gender and only four squares: Debt, Rent, Destroy an Industry, and early Death from lack of healthcare.

Why are Millennials so odd?
– Because they can’t even.

A Gen Z kid and a boomer walk into a bar
– They sit down and the Gen Z kid orders from the gluten free vegan menu and the boomer orders a T-Bone steak.

They start chatting and the Gen Z kid says that social justice issues are the biggest problem facing the world, and that the white supremacist patriarchy is a plague on society. >
The boomer waves this off and says the kids these days are just too sensitive, and that he fought for civil rights in the sixties and did his part.

They go back and forth on this for a while, and finally the Gen Z kid says, “we’re just not gonna settle this. We don’t see eye to eye. You’re too old and out of touch and I’m too young and inexperienced. What we need to do is ask a Millennial with a PhD in sociology for their opinion.”

The boomer says, “that’s a great idea!” And yells, “HEY BARTENDER, C’MERE!”

Millennials don’t get this…
– Low college tuition rates.

What do you call an obnoxious millennial?
– A: An Abominable Snowflake

You millennials and your obsession with public healthcare….
– Back in my day we just died

“‘Millennials killed the department stores’ baby boomers killed the polar bears but right right my deepest apologies to jc penny.”
– — @jaboukie

What did the millennial say when his friend played jaws on the piano?
– That low key gave me chills

You know, because we’ll never make enough money to own property.
– You know, because baby boomers destroyed the economy.

New Economy: Behind every broke Millennial…
– New Economy: Behind every broke Millennial…

If a millennial asks you…
– If a millennial asks you why people in old photos have red eyes

There are 3 types of rings common to the millennial marriage.
– The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and tindering.

how many millennials does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
– Enough to protest until the government does it for them

What do you call a 30 year old in a falcon suit?
– The millennial falcon

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