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Jellyfish jokes in 2024

What do you call a jellyfish that can pick up radio stations? A Jel-FM!

Why don’t jellyfish like fast food? It gives them a sinking feeling!

What’s a jellyfish’s favorite type of shoe? Flippers!

Why was the jellyfish a good comedian? Its jokes always had a “sting”!

What’s a jellyfish’s favorite game? Truth or “sting”!

Why don’t jellyfish get stressed? They’re always in the “jelly” good mood!

What’s a jellyfish’s favorite coffee? A sea latte!

How does a jellyfish ask for food? “Can I have a sting-wich please?”

What’s a jellyfish’s favorite style of music? Jelly Roll Blues!

How do jellyfish go into battle? Well-armed!

What do you call a group of musical jellyfish? A Jelly band!

What’s a jellyfish’s favorite school subject? Marine Biology!

What do you call a jellyfish that tells tall tales? A jelly fibber!

What do jellyfish say after a bad joke? “I guess that didn’t quite land-swim!”

What do you call a jellyfish with a cold? A snotty jelly!

What did the grape say when the jellyfish stepped on it? Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

How does a jellyfish propose? With a ring from the ocean floor!

Why did the jellyfish cross the road? To get to the other tide!

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