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Geometry jokes 📐 in 2024

What is the favorite hobby of a mathematician specializing in geometry?
– He loves flying the kite!

With what do mathematicians usually decorate their office floors?
– They are known to use area rugs.

What did the math teacher say to do when it started to rain?
– Coincide

Why didn’t the circles invite the ellipses to their party?
– They were too eccentric.

How is communism like geometry?
– It’s really all about Engels and most people only ever think of marks.

What did the teacher say when the student finally drew the 90-degrees angle correctly?
– He said, ‘It looks like you finally did something right!”

Why was the math teacher so popular with his students?
– This was because he never gave them any as-sin-ments to do for vacations!

What did the triangle say as he drove through a traffic circle?
– It’s pointless.

Just flew in from the Geometry convention.
– Boy are my planes tired.

Why are geometry teachers, such good musicians?
– This is because they know all about chords!

What is the similarity between the french language and geometry?
– Students can understand neither!

What did geometry teachers need to do when they were being attacked in the Wild West?
– Circle the wagons.

What do 3-points have in common with people who whine too much?
– They are both coplaners.

Geometry is the work of satan.
– It makes people sin.

If a geometry professor became a hunter, what would be the shape of the traps he would set for the wild animals?
– The shape would be a trapezoid.

What is the shape that one can always find outside Starbucks?
– A line!

What do you call people who promote tractors?
– Protractors

Why did the scalene triangle get such poor grades in school?
– It was never right.

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