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Geometry jokes 📐 in 2023

Which is the mathematician who was also a great professional wrestler?
– Kurt Angle!

Why were the people in the kingdom so good at geometry?
– This was because they had a supreme ruler!

Why was Yoda from Star Wars so bad at solving geometry problems?
– Because he did not believe in try angles, he only ever believed in do or do not angles!

Why shouldn’t you argue with stubburn circles?
– There’s just no point…

What’s a geometry teacher’s favorite drink?
– Ovaltine!

My 7 year old made this one up today. Thanks, grandparents!

What is the name of the social media site used by the geometry buffs? It is known as the Parallelogram!

What did the geometry tell the student who was feeling cold to go and sit in the corner of the room?
– Because it was 90 degrees over at the corner!

Why was the dilation’s medical bills so high?
– It had too many operations.

What temperature was the right triangle?
– 90 degrees F.

What do you call a person who likes geometry and farming?
– A pro-tractor!

What did a math teacher use to tie up his books properly?
– He used a chord to pack his books!

How did the geometry teacher make soup while climbing up the high mountain peak?
– He took the help of the high-pot-in-use!

What will you hear if you cross Dwayne Johnson with a globe?
– Rock and roll.

I was going to make a geometry joke, but when I made it it fell flat
– I guess it was too plane. Back to square one

If geometry was considered to be a forest, then who would be the King of the forest?
– The king would undoubtedly be a line!

Why are so many fishermen great at working out the geometry problems? Because they are experts in angle-ing!

Why do algebra teachers feel superior to geometry teachers?
– Because they think that geometry teachers are too symbol-minded!

Which knight created the round table?
– Sir Cumference.

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