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Geometry jokes 📐 in 2022

Why are 90 degrees angles famous for winning debate competitions?
– This is because they are always right!

Why do mathematicians never use sunscreen?
– Because they always want to get a tan!

What do you call a angle after an elephant steps on it?
– A wrecked-angle.

Why was Radian such a good safety on the football team?
– He covered the receivers from every angle.

I just finished up my spherical geometry class
– Dunno why I bothered, there’s literally no point.

Why did the student find geometry hard to grasp and learn?
– This was because it was an all-around problem for him!

Where did the mathematics teacher buy a ruler that was exactly three feet long?
– He must have got it from the yard sale in his neighborhood!

What did the rectangle say to the circle?
– Haven’t I seen you around?

Call me geometry…
– Because when I become difficult, guys cheat on me.

What should we call the geometry teacher who spent all his vacation at the seaside?
– You call him a tangent!

Why was the triangle able to run as fast as a horse?
– This was because it was equine-lateral triangle!

Where do geometry teachers go to work for the government?
– The pentagon.

What kind of tree do math teacher’s put their tree houses in?
– Geometrees.

I wanted to do geometry with my parrot…
– Then I remembered that polygon 🙁

Why is the circle considered a genius in the field of geometry? This is because it has 360 degrees!

Why can’t maths and geometry professors never enter heaven?
– This is because they have committed to many sines!

What did the grumpy circle say to the tangent line?
– Leave me alone.

Why wasn’t the angle able to get a bank loan?
– His parents wouldn’t cosine for him.

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