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Geometry jokes 📐 in 2023

Why was the teacher taking longer than usual to explain circles?
– Because he was continuously going off on a tangent.

Why had the obtuse angle visited the beach on a sunny day?
– Because the temperature was well over 90 degrees!

Why was the reason for scalene triangles never getting good marks in school exams?
– Unfortunately, no matter how much they tried, they could never be right!

Why was the trigonometry teacher so popular?
– He never gave them homework asSINments.

Why does Marx like geometry so much?
– Because of all the ENGELS

What spell did the witch put on the geometry professor to remove the evil spell off him? The witch said, “Hexagon!”

What is the favorite type of dessert for geometry teachers to have in a cafe?
– They love having the hypote-mousse!

Which musical group do 5-sided geometric shapes like?
– The 5th Dimension.

Why did the math teacher want to become a farmer?
– He was pro-tractors

I never took geometry in high school
– It’s what the little acorn said when he grew up …”Gee! ‘I’m a tree!”

Why are geometry buffs good at farming in the fields?
– This is because they have pro-tractors!

What is the name of the band formed by 5 sided shapes in geometry?
– They are known as the Fifth Dimension!

How did they describe the geometry teacher who spent a lot of time in the sun?
– He was a tangent.

Why is North Korea so good at geometry?
– Because they have a supreme ruler!

I need help with my geometry homework
– it said to draw 2 planes intersecting 2 buildings.

After a snowstorm, what are mathematicians known to do?
– They are known to construct snow angles!

Why was the maths teacher always very fit and athletic?
– Because geometry was keeping him in shape!

What is the name of the place where circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas like to visit in the summer?
– They love going to this place called the Coney Island!

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