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Fungi jokes 🍄 in 2022

Two leprechauns are in the forest and one starts eating mushrooms, so the other one says to him, “Are you having fun, Gus?”

How much room does a mushroom need to party?
– As mushroom as possible!

What would a mushroom car say?
– Shroom shroom!

What did the bride say to her new husband at their wedding?
– I love you so mush-groom!

What do you call a mushroom with a 12 inch stalk?
– A fungi to go out with

Why didn’t the mushroom like school?
– Because it spored him.

When mushrooms come together what do they make?
– A mush house.

Where do the mushroom family keep their umbrellas, coats and shoes?
– In their porch-ini!

What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom?
– Put a cap on it.

What’s the difference between a Stormtrooper at a party and a mushroom being picked?
– One’s a bad guy having a fun time and the other’s a fungi have a bad time.

What room can be eaten?
– A mushroom!

Why do you not want to go on a roadtrip with fungi?
– Because the take up too mushroom!

What happens when two fungi get married?
– They become fung-us!

What did the mushroom get arrested for?
– Stalking.

Why did the mushroom get stuck in traffic on the way to work?
– Because it was mush-hour!

I tried to befriend a mushroom today.
– I heard that he’s a fungi.

What did the mushroom say as he fell off a cliff?
– Help! I’m in truffle.

Our local woods are full of mushrooms right now.
– I’m always tripping on them.

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