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Fungi jokes 🍄 in 2022

Why does the fungus always win the argument?
– Because they don’t leave mushroom for debate.

What did the mushroom say when he needed a little more time?
– Amanita minute.

What is a mushroom’s favourite hobby?
– Spore(t)!

What did the girl mushroom say to the boy mushroom?
– You’re a fungi (fun guy).

What’s the world’s biggest mushroom competition?
– The champignon’s league.

I went to the mycologists convention, but there was too much shiitake.

What is Harry Potter’s favourite type of mushroom?
– Magic mushrooms!

Did you hear the joke about fungus?
– You won’t like it, but it will grow on you.

I had this long fungi joke, but I don’t have enough shroom to type it.

What did the Eukaryote become when he realized he wasn’t a fungi, plant, or animal?
– A Protist-er.

What do you call a Fungi who doesn’t believe in God?
– Athyeast

What do you call a fungi that makes music?
– A decomposer.

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