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Fungi jokes 🍄 in 2023

Two leprechauns are in the forest and one starts eating mushrooms, so the other one says to him, “Are you having fun, Gus?”

Why did the mushroom have so many friends?
– Because he was a fungi!

What did one mushroom say to the other mushroom?
– Nothing. Mushrooms can’t talk.

What does a mushroom clean its house with?
– A mushbroom.

Where did they bury King Oyster Mushroom after his death?
– In a mushtomb!

Why was the mushroom invited to so many parties?
– Because he was a fungi!

Why did the fungi leave the party?
– There wasn’t mushroom for dancing.

Which vegetables goes best with jacket potatoes?
– Button Mushrooms.

What is a mushroom’s favourite London market?
– Portobello Market!

How does a mushroom car sound?
– Shroom, shroom.

I’d like to try putting mushrooms in cola, if you get my-cola-gist.

What did the mushroom’s sing when they won the closed-cup?
– We are the champignons!

I used to hate foot fungi
– But then it really grew on me.

What sort of room can you eat?
– A mushroom.

What do you call a picture of a mushroom with no arms, legs or head?
– A stalk photo.

Why didn’t the mushroom enter the weightlifting competition?
– Because he said he wasn’t stroganoff!

Who would be the best food to hang out with, a strawberry, a banana or a mushroom?
– A mushroom of course, because he’s a fungi.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Fun who?
Fungi! (Fun guy!)

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