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Hunting jokes in 2022

Why did the hunter miss his mark?
– He was not aiming deerectly for it.

How did the deer escape the huntsman?
– By buckling up!

How did the hunter operate his computer?
– Through his moose.

One day, someone goes out into the forest to go hunting, and finds out there are a few others in the forest. He comes back the next day to learn he is the only person there. Where are the others?

– They’re in his freezer.

What did the hunter do with the fish in Chernobyl?
– He did nuclear fishing.

How did the hunter manage to miss his shot?
– Because his aim was not deer-ected accurately!

What did a hunter say to his friend who saved his life when they went hunting last week?
– He said, “You saved my life. I doe you one.”

Do you know how a deer saved the bear’s life from hunters that were bear hunting?
– He drove the bear away in his car. He had a great command on deering wheels.

Why did the hunting committee award the hunter?
– Because they were fawn-d of his hunting.

How was the animal’s life before the hunter entered the jungle?
– It was living a pheasant life.

What did the hunters eat while hunting for a deer?
– They ate sour-doe bread.

Two Native Americans were out hunting.
– One of them kneeled down and put the side of his ear on the ground, after a few moments he sits up and says – “Buffalo come.”

– His friend is impressed and asks “How do you know?”

– The other answered. “Sticky ear.”

A Father and his son were hunting
– The Son fired the gun and yelled

Why is there no open hunting season on hippies ???

– Have you ever tried to clean one ?

Did you hear about the Robertsons new movie?
– It’s a Duck-umentary!

A little girl went bow hunting with her Dad,
– and when they found two nice ones she put her hair in pigtails.

Why did the hunter not reveal his name?
– Because he wanted to remain anony-moose!

What’s the cheapest type of meat?
– Dear balls, they’re under a buck

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