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Printer jokes 🖨️ in 2023

Apparently my printer is really into music…
– He seems to love the Paper jam.

I named my printer Bob Marley
– Because it’s always Jammin’

I was in a computer room in college today…
– A black person asked where the coloured printer was. I said, “it’s 2016 you can use any printer.”

My HP printer died today
– It was like a Brother to me.

What kind of printer do pigs use?
– An oinkjet printer

When the printer still will not work after 20 tries; try sending the print job to all 100 printers in the office.
– One of them is bound to work.

“My night’s about to get better now that you’re turned on.”
– … said the student to his printer when he finished his essay.

My friend said, “I wish there was a way i could send something to your printer.”
– I said, “fax.”

I’m a little sad that my old HP printer died on me today.
– It was like a Brother to me.

Why are old printers so musical?
– Because they are prone to jamming.

Bought an HP printer the other day.
– The ink is a bit funny but tastes great on a bacon sandwich.

What does the White House call a broken printer?
– Alternative Fax.

Why did the boss enroll the office printing machine in an exercise class?
– He wanted it to get toner!

Why did the broken printer become a rockstar?
– Because it liked to jam all the time

My 9 year old….
– …is yelling at me, “Hey dad, look at me! Im a 3D printer!”
– I respond “Close the bathroom door, son!”

A black guy in the library just asked me where the colored printer is…
– It’s 2015 dude, use whatever printer you want.

Why is the printer making so many noises?
– Because the papers are jamming

My friend was bragging that his new 3D printer can print a gun.
– Big deal. I have had a Canon printer for years.

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