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Airplane jokes ✈️ in 2023

My phone fell from the 20th floor,
– good thing it was in airplane mode.

What happens to bad plane jokes?
– They never land.

What is it called when a giraffe swallows a toy jet?
– A plane in the neck.

What do an airplane and a girl have in common?
– A cockpit

What do you call it when someone masturbates on an airplane?
– Hijacking

What does a felon falling from an airplane and a significant other talking down to you have in common?
– Condescending

What do we want?!… Airplane Noises!.. When do we want them?
– Neooooooow

What has a nose and flies but can’t smell?
– An airplane!

What kind of crisps can you buy at the airport?
– Plane crisps!

A little girl opened a window on an airplane
– She really had her head in the clouds for a moment.

A muslim guy greeted his friend on an airplane. They were both detained.
– His friend named Jack.

During the inflight movie, ask to share headphones with someone

What do airplane builders say about their job?
– It’s riveting.

The first time I sniffed airplane glue I OD’d…
– When I came to a man asked me, “Are you hooked?”
– I said, “No, I’m stuck.”

I have a really good airplane joke I want to share
– But I think it might go over your head

An unfortunate business idea
– I once started a restaurant inside an airplane that was no longer functional. Sadly, it never took off.

What is Dracula’s favourite airline Scare Canada!

Did you hear about the airplane that crashed into a graveyard?
– They found no survivors but recovered 6000 bodies.

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