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Airplane jokes ✈️ in 2021

I saw a policeman wearing a pilot’s uniform.
– Then I realised he was a plane clothes police officer.

Do you know what happened when I tried airplane mode for the first time?
– I threw my phone but it didn’t fly.

Ever hear the one about the airplane?
– No? Eh, it’d probably go over your head

Why didn’t the buzzard have any luggage on the airplane?
– Because he ate his carrion.

Who built an airplane that couldn’t fly?
– The Wrong brothers.

What did the football player say to the flight attendant?
– Put me in coach.

They have clocks on airplanes now
– How time flies…

Will invisible airplanes ever be a thing?
– I just can’t see them taking off.

What’s white and kills you if it enters your eye?
– An airplane.

We’ll just have to wing it!

How does Cupid go to visit his girlfriend?
– On an arrow-plane!

As I sat in my airplane seat for the 16 hour flight, I tried to get comfortable.
– Then I remembered that I was in economy.

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