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Bowling jokes 🎳 in 2023

What did the bowling pins do after hearing a joke?
– They fell down laughing.

Why are employees at the Bowling alleys untrustable?
– Because they keep going on strikes.

The bowler kept his excellent game going on.
– It was as par usual.

What excuse did the bowler give when he was accused of stealing?
– “I was framed!”

What’s the difference between your wife and a bowling ball?
– I can only get three fingers in a bowling ball

Why did the man reach the bowling alley before his friends?
– To get the ball rolling.

Why were the fans agitated by the arrogant bowler?
– Because he bowl-dly claimed that he’d win the tournament easily.

I went bowling with an army general the other day. He started bowling before I’d even entered his name on the scoreboard.
– He launched a pre-emptive strike.

Why can’t they make a bowling video game?
– Because they couldn’t measure it in frames per second

Why do football players make for bad bowling player?
– Because they try to kick the ball.

Why did the bowler ask the judges to give some of his points to his teammate?
– Because spare-ing is caring.

Evidence has been found that William Tell and his family were all keen bowlers.
– However, all the league records were unfortunately destroyed in a fire.
– Thus we’ll never know for whom the Tells bowled.

I’ve left my bowling ball at home.
– Have you got any to spare

What does a bowler and a Thanksgiving guest have in common?
– They both want a Turkey.

Why was the bowler on a scoring streak?
– Because he was all clover the place.

Why do bowlers don’t like having a Thanksgiving guest?
– Because they don’t want to share their turkey.

Why should a bowling alley be quiet?
– So you can hear a pin drop!

I told my friend I had just landed a job in a bowling alley.
– “Ten pin?” He asked. “No” I replied, “it’s permanent”

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