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Bowling jokes 🎳 in 2023

What did the bowling pins do after hearing a joke?
– They fell down laughing.

What do you call a triumphant procession held by the bowling pins?
– A perfect strike.

Why was the bowler adamant about winning his match?
– Because it was his ticket to frame!

How much should one bowling game cost?
– Ten pinnies.

Why are football players always being recruited to bowling leagues?
– Because they are Super Bowlers.

Why was the bowler angry at the audience?
– Because they had a loft at his expense.

Why was the bowling pin left behind by his friends?
– Because he was deadwood.

I was going to tell you a really bad bowling pun but I thought I’d spare you.

Which bowler wears the biggest shoes?
– The one with the biggest feet.

Can you teach me how the scoring works in bowling?
– Of course! It’s something right up my alley!

Why was the bowler’s action questioned by the referees?
– Because it was off the skid.

Why did the judges get an outside opinion on the game?
– Because they wanted a fresh spare of eyes.

If you can’t hear a pin drop, then something is definitely wrong with your bowling.

Why is a good bowler a bad baseball player?
– Because he gets so many strikes.

What’s the greatest problem facing Poland?
– The four-ten split.

What do you call the leader of the bowling pins?
– KingPin.

Why do football players struggle at bowling
– Because they had a hard time kicking the ball!

After hours of waiting for the bowling alley to open,
– We finally got the ball rolling.

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