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Barbie jokes in 2024

What do you call a Barbie on roller skates? A roll model!

Why didn’t Barbie get to play in the football match? She got kicked out for dolling around!

What does Barbie use to write her diary? Her doll-point pen!

Why can’t Barbie ever be a queen? She’s too busy being a princess!

Why does Barbie always have perfect hair? Because it’s styled in the factory!

Why is Barbie never tired? Because she’s a doll, and dolls don’t sleep!

How does Barbie stay in such great shape? Her plastic surgeon is a mold!

What do you call a Barbie with a PhD? Doctor Doll!

What’s Barbie’s favorite workout? Aerobics, she likes to stretch it out!

Why did Barbie become a firefighter? She wanted to melt hearts, not herself!

Why did Barbie take up ballet? She’s a natural at spinning around!

Why does Barbie never sweat? Because she always keeps her cool!

What’s Barbie’s favorite color? Pink, it’s the color of her dream house!

Why did Barbie never make it to the moon? She didn’t want her hair to frizz in zero gravity!

Why can’t Barbie keep a secret? Because everyone knows she’s an open bookcase!

What do you call a Barbie who loves science? Chemist-doll Barbie!

What did Barbie do when she lost her job? She took it as a chance to have another career change!

Why did Barbie start a band? She wanted to be a rock doll!

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