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Morning Jokes 🌄 in 2022

Knock! Knock!

– Who’s there?

– Ewok

– Ewok who?

– Ewok early this morning.

I wonder if the sun is going to rise every morning.
– Then it dawns on me.

What does a pastry chef say to himself in the morning every day?
– “I’ll be making a lot of dough today.”

What would you call it if you run a mediocre distance when you go jogging in the morning?
– Run of the mill.

As a kid growing up I’d always get bullied, every morning they’d spit in my food and call me names.
– Man, I hated being home schooled.

Did you hear about the man that woke up in the morning and forgot which side the sun rises from?
– It eventually dawned on him.

What would you call it if you spent an entire morning coating a ladder with grease which leads into your attic?
– An anti-climb-attic morning.

What would you call the alarm clock which always goes off at 2 o’clock in the morning every day?
– A ringing nightmare.

What does a dog love eating as breakfast food?
– Pooched eggs.

I was watching an Australian cooking show this morning . The chef made meringue. The audience all cheered for him.
– This surprised me. Australians usually boo-meringue.

I had problems milking my cow one morning.
– It was an udder failure.

What did the woman say before telling jokes on ‘early mornings’?
– “You people up for it?”

What would you say if your dad asks you how the breakfast waffles he made were?
– I’d say, “they weren’t w-awful.”

What did Tom say when his wife asked him to cook some breakfast?
– “Fine, I’ll cook some pancakes,” he said flippantly.

How did the man burn 800 calories in the morning easily?
– He forgot his pizza inside his oven.

What does Iron Man say every morning when he stands in front of the magic mirror?
– He says, “Mirror, mirror on my wall, who is the ferrous of us all?”

What would you do if you got up in the morning, ran around the blocks a few times and got tired?
– I’d pick up the blocks and put them back in my brother’s toy box.

How do the crazy joggers go through any forest in the morning?
– They take the psychopath.

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