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Morning Jokes 🌄 in 2024

Knock! Knock!

– Who’s there?

– Ben.

– Ben who?

– Ben knocking on the door all morning, could you let me in?

crush: how much do you love me??

– me: well look at the stars outside

– crush: but its morning me: exactly

What beverage do all sick people have in the morning?
– Cough-ee.

What did the tomato say while trying to help his friend who tripped and fell when jogging in the morning?
– He said, “just grab my Heinz, I’ll help you up.”

Where do birds go every day to get a cup of coffee?
– To the NESTcafe.

What would you say to your plumber if you heard a tap on your door first thing in the morning?
– “You have quite a sense of humor.”

Why did the man started going for body surfing every morning at the beach instead of watching the news?
– Because it kept him abreast of the current events.

What drink do lobsters have in the morning?
– Clawfee.

What did the pirate always eat for breakfast?
– Captain Crunch.

This morning I was on the way to work, but I wasn’t paying attention and ended up rear ending another car. The driver got out and it turned out he was a dwarf. He looked at me and said “I’m not happy.”
– I replied “Well, which one are you then?”

What is the second hardest thing in the morning?

– Getting up.

Have you heard about a Frenchman that choked while he was eating his morning omelet?
– He said, “Oeuf.”

What would you call it if you had a gold-colored hot drink in a golden cup in the morning every day?
– My gilt-tea pleasure.

What do the snowmen eat for breakfast?
– Ice Krispies.

Yesterday morning my tree died,
– now I have mourning wood.

Why did the morning coffee never talk to the herbal drinks?
– Because they weren’t really his cup of tea.

What did the man say to his wife when she was grouchy all day because they ran out of bread?
– “I didn’t know you were lack-toast intolerant.”

What do bakers say when they wake up in the mornings?
– “Time to get bread-y now.”

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