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Band jokes 🎺🥁 in 2022

The special ed students made a metal band.
– It’s called Syndrome of a Down.

What makes music on your head?
– A headband.

What’s the difference between a conductor and God?
– God doesn’t think he’s a conductor.

If any band covers ‘My Sharona’ as ‘My Corona’,
– it will be sick!

The band U2 recently developed a GPS…
– It’s terrible! The streets have no name, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!

What’s President Trump’s new favorite band?
– Air Supply

How do you make a bandstand?
– Take away their chairs.

What makes pirates such good singers?
– They can hit the high Cs.

Accordion to one study, people don’t notice when you replace any given word with the name of a musical instrument,
– but I don’t believe that tuba true.

Microsoft Office decided to form a new rock band.
– Excel Rows is the lead vocalist of this band.

Seeing how it’s saint Patrick’s day there is only one band you should listen to
– Green Day

What’s a Ferengi’s least favourite band?
– The lost prophets

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