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Skier Jokes ⛷️ in 2023

If your reindeer lost his tail, where would you go to buy him a new one?
– A re-tail store!

What type of diet did the snowman go on?
– The Meltdown Diet.

Edward Snowden was discovered trapped inside of one of his ski lodges this Saturday, November 19th.
– “Edward Snowden Snowed in Snowden Snow Den.”

Somebody asked me recently why I took up downhill skiing
– I told them uphill skiing was far too difficult

Why did the Eskimo wear one boot to town?
– Because he discovered there would be a 50% chance of snow.

What did the tree say after a long winter?
– What a re-leaf.

What do you call a slow skier?
– A slopepoke!

Why weren’t Paul McCartney and Wings allowed to ski down a certain mountain?
– They were banned on the run

I broke up with my girlfriend on a ski trip
– Our relationship was going downhill.

Why are mountains so funny?
– Because they’re hill-areas.

What time is it when little white flakes fall past the classroom window?
– Snow and Tell.

I once took a ski away from an Eskimo…
– Then he dressed in black and got real depressed

Did you hear about the man who lost his left arm and leg in a skiing accident?
– He ended up being all right

Why don’t you see penguins in Britain?
– They’re afraid of Wales!

How do you keep the snow from giving you cold feet?
– Don’t go around BRRfooted!

NEVER go down on a black , the father said to his daughter
– Whilst you are learning to ski, stay on the green runs

I used to be a professional ski athlete
– It just went downhill from there

What do you call an igloo without a toilet?
– An “ig”.

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