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Koala jokes 🐨 in 2023

Why did the 1st koala fall out of the tree?
– Because he was DEAD.

What do koalas do when they’re facing a tough situation?
– They grin and bear it.

What is a koala’s favorite soft drink?
– Koka-Koala, of course!

What is a koala’s favorite car?
– A furrari.

Why are koala’s so sleepy?
– Because you just got to be tired being so darn cute all day!

What are marsupials’ favorite drinks?
– Quokka-Koala

How do you apologize to a koala?
– You bear your heart and soul to them.

Why couldn’t the koala bear get the job at the bank?
– Because he didn’t have the koala-fications.

A koala walks into a barber shop
– A koala walks into a barber shop and hops up into the chair. He points to the excess fur that has grown around his ears and asks the barber, “Can eucalyptus?”

A marsupial fixed me an aromatic beverage, by pouring hot water over cured leaves and it was absolutely delightful! I asked how it was possible to make something so awesome at this level and he responded…
– “It’s koala tea.”

Did you hear about the Koala bear who was thrown out of the Koala bear contest?
– He was dis-koala-fied

What is a koala’s favorite box of chocolates?
– Koalaty Streets!

How did the little koala bear stop the movie?
– She hit the paws button.

An man goes in for a job interview. Unfortunately, he is told that his degree and experience are not enough and he is turned away.
– The man decides he’s gonna get that job whatever it takes. So he first gets large round head, big furry ears and big black nose. Then, he begins to grow grey-brown and white fur all over his body and claws extend from his fingers and toes. Finally, he thinks he’s ready. So clutching his eucalyptus leaf snack in one hand he marches into the hiring office and again presents his resume for consideration.

The HR manager is suitably impressed this time around, but with a shake of his head turns the applicant away. “I’m afraid now you’re over-koala-fied”.

A koala walks into a restaurant.
– He says, “I’ll have the minestrone.”

The waitress brings it, the koala eats it quickly, then orders a bowl of chili.

The waitress brings it, the koala eats it quickly, then orders a bowl of lobster bisque.

The waitress brings it, the koala eats it quickly, then orders a bowl of gazpacho.

After a while the waitress says, “Wow, you must be hungry.”

The koala answers, “No, I’m just a moresoupial.”

What do you call a Koala that can pick up an elephant ?
– Sir!

How do koalas eat eucalyptus?
– With their bear hands.

I can’t stand Honors college kids. I asked this girl “hey, why aren’t koalas considered to be bears?”
– And she said, “they’re marsupials.”

Shut up, nerd. The answer to the joke is they don’t have the koalafications.

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