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Furry jokes in 2024

What kind of car does a furry drive?
– A subuwu

The FBI was following a furry.
– They were on his tail.

Never rob a bank if you are a furry.
– The police will be hot in pursuit, you will be hot in fursuit.

What do you call a furry that was blended into ice cream?
– A McFurry.

Two furries walk into a bar, then they Yiff each other in the butt.
– I dunno where I was goin with this to begin with

What did the furry spider say to its crush?
– oOOowoOOo

what do people do if a furry nearly drowns
– give them furs-taid
– yeah its not that good ik

So I read on a website to “treat your furry friend once a week.”
– So I bought him two tickets to Zootopia.

What do you call a furry that likes to be on the bottom in bed?
– A subwoofer

If you’re a furry, and get turned on by chickens
– Are you a Hen-Thigh enthusiast?

What do you call a furry that cant hear?
– Def Leopard

I dated a furry once
– The relationship didn’t work out, she was a cheetah

There are two wolves inside of you.
– You’re at a furry convention after hours.

I dated an older furry once…
– She was a cougar

If Dracula were a furry, what would his name be?
– Nos-fur-atu

You think your day was bad? Imagine being miles and miles away from home, hot and sweaty from the 50 pound uniform you’re wearing , people don’t accept you. They think you’re a monster. Thank god there’s other people like me or I wouldn’t be able to handle being here .
– Thank god for the furry convention.

If a furry says they’re sorry…
…is it an anthropology?

The FBI was following a furry.
– They were on his tail.

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