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Furry jokes in 2023

The FBI was following a furry.
– They were on his tail.

What kind of car does a furry drive?
– A subuwu

Never rob a bank if you are a furry.
– The police will be hot in pursuit, you will be hot in fursuit.

What do you call a furry that was blended into ice cream?
– A McFurry.

Two furries walk into a bar, then they Yiff each other in the butt.
– I dunno where I was goin with this to begin with

What do you call a furry that likes to be on the bottom in bed?
– A subwoofer

If you’re a furry, and get turned on by chickens
– Are you a Hen-Thigh enthusiast?

What did the furry spider say to its crush?
– oOOowoOOo

what do people do if a furry nearly drowns
– give them furs-taid
– yeah its not that good ik

So I read on a website to “treat your furry friend once a week.”
– So I bought him two tickets to Zootopia.

There are two wolves inside of you.
– You’re at a furry convention after hours.

What do you call a furry that cant hear?
– Def Leopard

I dated an older furry once…
– She was a cougar

If Dracula were a furry, what would his name be?
– Nos-fur-atu

I dated a furry once
– The relationship didn’t work out, she was a cheetah

You think your day was bad? Imagine being miles and miles away from home, hot and sweaty from the 50 pound uniform you’re wearing , people don’t accept you. They think you’re a monster. Thank god there’s other people like me or I wouldn’t be able to handle being here .
– Thank god for the furry convention.

Its the second day of a big con and a furry wakes up, has a snack and goes downstairs. After 20 minutes or so of wandering aimlessly he bumps into the first other furry that hes seen and asks “Where is everyone?” and the other furry replies “Dude its 7 am, they’re sleeping! why aren’t you?”
– Since this was going mostly nowhere, thought i’d try my paw at it… ^^

If a furry says they’re sorry…
…is it an anthropology?

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