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World of Warcraft jokes 👹👾 in 2023

Why can’t gnomes be paladins?
– Poor little guys can’t reach the light.

You know you have been playing WoW for too long when the microwave dings and you yell “GRATS!”

What do rogues and noobs have in common?
– They both pick locks.

Why do heroic raiders smell bad?
– Because they never wipe.

How did the paladin start losing weight?
– He was eating light.

So I was with a guild friend one time who was trying to level her Alchemy profession and couldn’t remember what crafting reagent she needed.
– She said it was called Earth-something or other.
– I said don’t worry we will get to the root of this problem.

What’s the abbreviation for Death Knight?
– Decay.

What do you call a gnome priest?
– A compact disc.

Lets make a thread that makes you smile instead of one that makes people mad. Let me hear your best WoW jokes.
– I’ll start. My favorite Stormwind guard is Sir Cumference. I love watching him do his rounds.

Ed Salau lost his leg in combat
– Still does his job

Yo mama so fat that when she takes a portal to Dalaran,
– it tilts.

You know you play too much when…

You should definitely try this at home.

Where do Ogres buy their clothes?
– From the Dire Mall

How does a tauren hide in a cherry bush?
– He paints his hooves red.

What did the Blood Elf say after becoming vegetarian?
– “Salami I shall ignore-y.”

How many Paladins does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
– Two.
– One to hold the ladder, another to uphold the light.

How does Naxxramas fly?
– With its four wings.

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