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World of Warcraft jokes 👹👾 in 2022

Why do I love my class trainer?
– Because he respecs me.

What do you get when you feed a tauren dynamite?
– Abominable.

Next stop
– Mayweather

What’s the abbreviation for Death Knight?
– Decay.

Yo mama so fat, she got stuck in the Dark Portal – from the Draenor side.

What do rogues and noobs have in common?
– They both pick locks.

How to properly break up with a girl.

What do you get when a Tauren eats a Human?
– MAN-nure!

How do you know someone’s been playing since Vanilla?
– Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

Yo mama so fat, when a rogue shadowstepped her, he got a loading screen.

Worgain… the curse that helps to prevent and reverse hair loss.

An old one: “Yo momma is so fat,
– when she first logged in she got the Explorer achievement.”

What did the Guardian Druid teacher say to his students?
– “Bear with me.”

How do you stop a Warrior from charging?
– You take away his credit card.

What is the best thing to take to Heart of Fear?
– Raid.

Who did this
– To this baby and thought it was fashion

Why are the Illidari so muscular?
– Lord Illidan knows the whey.

You know you have been playing WoW for too long when the microwave dings and you yell “GRATS!”

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