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World of Warcraft jokes ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘พ in 2021

What do you call it if paladins and druids share a bath?
– A HoT tub with Bubbles.

How many rogues does it take to kill a Pally?
– Two, one to make him bubblehearth, and one to wait in the Inn.

Scared skunk gets trapped in chocolate milk box

A Draenai Paladin, a Gnome Rogue, and a human walk into a bar.
– The bartender looks at the 3 of them and says, โ€œWhat is this? A joke?โ€

Why are Mages so polite?
– They have a lot of Manas.

Why didnโ€™t the undead cross the road?
– He didnโ€™t have the guts.

What musician do you find in ICC? The Arthas formally known as prince!
– I’ll be adding more

What do noobs and rogues have in common?
– They both pick locks.

Did you hear that the goblins built a underground railway that runs from Honeydew Village to the Shado-Pan Garrison?
– They call it the โ€œPanda Expressโ€.

Why do I love my class trainer?
– Because he respecs me.

What do you get when you feed a tauren dynamite?
– Abominable.

Next stop
– Mayweather

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