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World of Warcraft jokes 👹👾 in 2024

You know you have been playing WoW for too long when the microwave dings and you yell “GRATS!”

Why can’t gnomes be paladins?
– Poor little guys can’t reach the light.

How many dwarves does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
– Two. One to hold the light bulb in place and the other to drink until the room starts spinning.

What do rogues and noobs have in common?
– They both pick locks.

You know you’re addicted to WoW when the only reason you go to church is for the stam buff.

Why do heroic raiders smell bad?
– Because they never wipe.

What do noobs and rogues have in common?
– They both pick locks.

Why did the enchanter have to clean out his bank?
– Because it was full of dust!

How did the paladin start losing weight?
– He was eating light.

So I was with a guild friend one time who was trying to level her Alchemy profession and couldn’t remember what crafting reagent she needed.
– She said it was called Earth-something or other.
– I said don’t worry we will get to the root of this problem.

What do you call a druid who melees in tree form?
– A combat log.

A forsaken walks into an inn and orders an ale and a mop.

What do you call 10 tauren and 1 gnome on a field?
– Football!

What’s the abbreviation for Death Knight?
– Decay.

Why are mages and locks required for EVERY party?
– Because mages bring the drinks and locks get you stoned

Hat trick.

That’s the point.

What’s the abbreviation for Death Knight?
– Decay.

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