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Fart Jokes 💨 in 2023

An old married couple is at a concert one Friday night. The woman turns to her husband and says, “I’ve just let out a really long, silent fart. What should I do?”
– The husband tells her, “Replace the battery in your hearing aid.”

My partner said he wanted to heat things up in bed.
– So I farted under the sheets.

What’s invisible and smells like carrots?
– A bunny fart!

Success is like a fart. It only bothers people when it’s not their own.

Students pay attention, everything you say will go to the test.
– (Fart) That too teacher?

Happiness comes from within.
– That’s why it feels so good to fart.

Fart jokes are funny but eye jokes are cornea.

If i had a quarter for every time i farted in my life i would have two. Which is not a lot but im worried it only happened twice

Hospital, I think I’m going to give birth!
– false alarm, it was a fart

A fart is like success.
– It only bothers you when it’s not your own.

I didn’t fart…
– My butt likes you so much it blew a kiss.

What do you call it when someone has a ton of gas after eating?
– A fart attack.

Soldier, why is he eating so many beans !?
– Because you have to recharge the flamethrower, Sir

Farts are like math, many of you hate them
– but they are necessary

When I was a kid, every time my dad farted he denied it.
– It wasn’t until years later that I realized he had been gaslighting me.

Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.

What do you call it when you fart into a wallet?
– Gas money.

What happens when you fart in nature?
– It is natural gas

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