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Unicorn Jokes 🦄 in 2023

What do you get when you cross a dog and a unicorn?
-A corn dog!

How do unicorns get to the park?
-On a unicycle.

Why didn’t the unicorn want to join the army?
-She didn’t want to wear a uni-form.

What did the unicorn dress up as for Halloween?
– A rhinoceros!

How do you know that a unicorn has been in your house?
-They leave glitter everywhere!

What do you call a unicorn with large eyelashes?

What do you call clever unicorns?

What do you call a unicorn that had its horn cut off?
-A eunuchorn!

Why’d the little unicorn get sent to bed without supper?
-She wouldn’t stop horsing around at the dinner table

What road do all of the unicorns live on?
-Mane Street!

What’s black and white and eats like a unicorn?
-A zebra.

What did the mythical creature serve at his barbecue?
-Unicorn on the cob

What is the difference between a unicorn and a carrot?
– One is a funny beast and the other is a bunny feast.

What did the unicorn say to the beans?
– U No Corn!

Unicorns never horse around
-they get right to the point.

What do unicorns use for money?
-Corn bread.

How do you get a unicorn to move out of the road?
-Use a uni horn!

Why are unicorns such good guitar players?
-Because they know all the uni-chords!

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