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Tennis Jokes 🎾 in 2022

Where do ghosts play tennis?
-On a tennis corpse!

So did you hear about the tennis ball and the battery that got into a fight?
-The battery was charged and the tennis ball is waiting to go to court.

Why did the man buy 9 racquets?
– Because tennis too many.

I wish they’d change the scoring system,
-but tennis is set in its ways and doesn’t see the point.

Why don’t fish play tennis?
– Because there afraid of the net.

Why are fish no good at tennis?
-They don’t like getting close to nets

Which state has the most tennis players?

What was Serena Williams’ favorite number?
-Tenn-is her favorite number.

Did you know that if all the capillaries of a human lung were rolled out onto a tennis court..
-The game would likely be cancelled

What did the tennis player say before playing with vanilla ice cream?
-I’d like a soft serve, please

What happened when the tennis player’s serve hit the tape?
-At least, they’ll let him hit it again.

Why do orphans like to play tennis ?
– Because the ball comes back

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