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Volcano jokes ๐ŸŒ‹ in 2024

Why are volcanoes the best comedians? Their jokes are always erupting with laughter!

What do you call a volcano that tells jokes? A fun-geyser.

Why don’t volcanoes ever cheat on their exams? Because they can always erupt with the right answers!

Why do volcanoes never miss a meal? They love a full plate tectonic!

How do volcanoes stay in shape? They always have a solid core workout!

How does a volcano ask for a second date? “Can I lava you again?”

What do you call a mountain that can’t stop talking? A Blab-ca-no.

How do you know a volcano is about to blow its top? It starts molten off!

What did the volcano say to its crush? I lava you a lot!

What’s a volcano’s favorite song? “Eruption” by Van Halen.

Why don’t volcanoes ever get lost? They always follow the magma-nificent path!

What’s a volcano’s favorite vegetable? Ashtuce.

What’s a volcano’s favorite hobby? To ash-tronomize!

Why don’t volcanoes play hide and seek? They always peak too soon.

How do we know that volcanoes are so rich? They always have a lot of liquid assets!

What’s a volcano’s favorite game? Truth or Eruption!

What do you call a volcano with a cold? Achoo-nic eruption!

Why do volcanoes make good friends? They are very out-spoken.

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