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Dance jokes 💃🤸🏻 in 2023

What is a dance that begins at 10 am called?
– Attendance.

Where can you dance in California?
– San Fran-disco.

What is the favorite dance of a vampire?
– The Fang Tango.

What do you call dancing by the sink?
– Tap dancing.

What do you call a ballet dancer who also can shoot 3’s on the basketball court?
– A BALLERina!

What is the dance for people who don’t like each other called?
– Avoidance.

How do dancers multiply numbers?
– They jazz square them.

Why did the contemporary dancer cross the road?
– Because she had to do the routine on the other side.

What’s the mystery writer’s favorite dance?
– The twist!

Where did the frisbee go to dance?
– To a disc-o

What did everyone say about the dance that the intoxicated man was doing?
– He was just staggering.

What do cars do when they go to the disco?
– Brake dance.

How do ballerinas continuously practice all day?
– They run on batterie power.

What bird has the best dance moves?
– A twerky!

Why did the ghost get kicked out of the human party?
– Because he shouted, “Dance till you’re dead!’

Why did the line dancer cross the dance floor?
– To get to the other slide.

What do snails wear when they go out dancing?
– Escargogo boots.

What’s a chip’s favorite dance?
– The salsa!

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