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Dance jokes 💃🤸🏻 in 2022

What latest dance did your sister go crazy for?
– Social Dis-dancing.

What type of animals are bad at dancing?
– Ones that are four-legged.

What is a line dancer traveling on a cruise ship called?
– An Ocean “Liner.”

Why should you never dance with horses?
– Because they have two left feet.

What did the hopeless dancer say when she felt burnt out one day?
– What’s the pointe?!

What is the favorite dance of a vampire?
– The Vaults.

What type of dancer has a brown and full head of hair?
– A contemporHAIRY dancer.

What do ballet dancers feel like when they cannot find their shoe?
– Looking for it is pointeless.

What do dance teachers and angry moms have in common?
– They both tell you to check your attitude.

Where did hamburgers go dancing?
– At the meatball.

What type of music do all ghosts get to dance to?
– Soul music.

What type of dance do moms love doing?
– The Mom-bo.

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