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Geology jokes in 2021

Why did the tectonic plates break up?
– It wasn’t anyone’s fault, there was just too much friction between them.

What did the motivational speaker say to the geologist?
– Don’t take life for granite.

Oh, you were looking for rock jokes?
– Letโ€™s see what we can dig up.

I really admire geologists.
– They leave no stone unturned.

What did the geologist say when his doctor asked him if he was ready for his colonic?
– No FRACKING way!!!

Why is the world so diverse?
– Because it contains alkynes of people.

Power to the pebble!

Why did the sad geologist skip his lunch break?
– Because he lost his apatite.

What did the geologist say when he got a rock for his birthday?
– I appreciate the sediment.

Iโ€™m coal as a cucumber!

Did you know that geologists are athletic?
– Yep, it says so in Quartz Illustrated.

Thereโ€™s no halfway with a geologist
– itโ€™s all ore nothing.

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