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Geology jokes in 2021

Why was the sedimentary rock so cheap?
– Because it was on shale.

My rock collection has so much sedimental value.

What does the drug addicted, sea faring geologist do?
– Smoke seaweed, does crystal math and sails on the *high* seas.

You hear the one about a geologist that was an alcoholic?
– He found rock bottom.

Not to quarryโ€”youโ€™ll do great on your science exam!

How does a geologist like to relax?
– In a rocking chair.

It takes a boulder person to read through this list of puns.

What did the statistician say to the geologist?
– Your guess is as good as mine.

Did you know that Santa Claus is both an arborist and a geologist?
– He’s gonna find out what’s knotty or gneiss.

Why did the tectonic plates break up?
– It wasn’t anyone’s fault, there was just too much friction between them.

What did the motivational speaker say to the geologist?
– Don’t take life for granite.

Oh, you were looking for rock jokes?
– Letโ€™s see what we can dig up.

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