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Geology jokes in 2022

When were rock puns the funniest puns of all time?
– During the Stone Age.

I may be obsessed with rocks,
– but that’s my pre-rock-ative.

Why are geologists so good at getting laid?
– They know the best dating techniques.

I’m no geologist
– But when I look at mountains in the morning I take them for granite

This book about rocks is a fascinating pebble-cation.

Did you hear about the geologist who was reading a book on Helium?
– She just couldn’t put it down!

A geologist’s favorite restaurant is the Hard Rock Cafe.

What did one geologist say to the other while they both stared down at a giant fissure in the rocks?
– “I wonder whose fault this is.”

True story
– I’ve met a research geologist whose work was groundbreaking.

What did the diamond say to the copper?
– Nothing silly, minerals don’t talc!

Geologists love music, but their playlists get boring
— they’re only rock and roll.

The miner got sick of his job
– because it was just boring.

What is the highest honour for a geologist
– To become a knight of the tectonic order.

What do you call a can of pop found in a conglomerate?
– Coca-Cola Clastic

What does a rock eat?
– Poma-granites.

You know the old saying
– igneous is bliss.

I was going to be a geologist
– But I heard it was a pretty rocky career.

How did the geologist win his lawsuit?
– By taking advantage of the quartz system.

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