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Diaper jokes ๐Ÿ‘ถ in 2024

What did the diaper say to the trash can? “I think we’re related!”

Why don’t diapers make good students? They always drop their grades!

Why did the diaper break up with its girlfriend? She said he was full of it!

What did the diaper say to the towel? “I’ve got this covered!”

Why don’t diapers ever get cold? They always have a warm feeling!

Why do diapers make lousy bankers? They always lose their “cents”!

What’s a diaper’s favorite type of fruit? “Butt-ernut” squash!

Why don’t diapers ever go hungry? They always have a full meal!

Why did the diaper cross the road? To get to the “butt” of the joke!

Why are diapers like beaches? They both have sand “bottoms”!

Why are diapers always on time? They never “poo-stpone” anything!

Why are diapers like movies? They always have a big release!

What do you call a diaper that can dance? “Poo-let” dancer!

Why was the diaper at the party? It’s always up for some “dirty” dancing!

What’s a diaper’s favorite type of car? “Butt-erfly” doors!

Why are diapers never stressed? Because they always let it all out!

Why did the diaper get kicked out of school? It couldn’t keep its grades from dropping!

Why are diapers like historians? They always keep a record!

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