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Frog Jokes 🐸 in 2023

Hey, do you guys want to hear a story about frogs?
-I think you’ll find it ribbeting

What did the bus driver say to the frog?
– Hop on.

Why do frogs taste like beer?
– By giving this post an award, you agree to send me £2 via PayPal

What kind of frog says Ribeye ribeye, instead of ribbet ribbet?
-A bull frog

What do you get if you cross a frog and a dog?
-A croaker spaniel.

Which kind of horse likes to eat baked beans?
-The pinto. (a 2-toned horse, also a type of bean)

What do you call a woman with a frog on her head?
– Lily.

What do you call a frog spy?
-Because it had bad stable manners.

What do frogs drink?

Why was the frog arrested?
– Because it Kermitted a crime.

What kind of music do sophisticated frogs listen to?

Why was the frog upset when he got back to the swamp?
-His lily pad was Toad.

What is Mr Frog’s favourite social media platform?
– Reddit reddit. Reddit

What did the frog dress up as on Halloween?
– A prince.

Explaining a Joke is like Dissecting a Frog
-Everyone understands it better, but you killed it in the Process.

What’s a frog’s favorite game?

What is a frog’s favorite time?
-Leap year.

What type of sandals do frogs wear?
– Open-toad.

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