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Running jokes 🏃‍♀️ in 2023

What do athletes lose after they win a huge race?
– Their breath.

What would a banana’s favorite gymnastic move be?
– The splits.

“I go running when I have to. Like when the ice cream truck is doing sixty.”

What is absolute jealousy?
– The feeling you get when you’re driving in your car and pass runners.

How did the barber come first in the race?
– He took a shortcut.

Why was the man so suspicious about his neighbor running out of the house?
– He felt like something was afoot.

Run on good days. Run harder on bad ones.

“Slow runners make fast runners look good. Thank you.”

What does a runner drink when she is in last place?
– Ketchup.

Why were pets not allowed to compete in the marathon?
– Because they are not part of the human race.

What is it called when a knife joins a track team?
– Blade Runner.

“Life is short. Running makes it seem longer.”

Why did the trainer want her client to work out where it was sunny?
– So she would feel the burn.

What do a dentist and a track coach have in common?
– They both use drills!

If you refuse to go running one day, what type of training are you doing?
– Resistance training.

Why doesn’t the bell make any sound at the gym?
– Because it’s a dumb-bell.

“We can’t all be heroes
– because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.”

What do you get when you run in front of a car?

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