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Florida jokes in 2023

Who doesn’t love juicy knock-knock jokes? I know we want it! We have some entertaining jokes about Florida. Have a share of a good laugh with these best punch knock-knock jokes we collected for you.

Whenever I hear a scientist say Jupiter is uninhabitable I always just assume they’re talking about the city in Florida.

Did you hear about the blackout in Florida?
– People were stuck on the escalators for 4 hrs.

A Florida man was arrested for stealing a truck filled with $76,000 worth of Campbell’s soup.
– I, for one, hope this guy goes away for ‘Mmm, mmm, good!’

Heard on the FAA radio frequency after Trump is dropped off in Florida:
– “Air Force one just took a number two, over”

What do Tom Brady and Robert Kraft still have in common?
– They go to Florida for happy endings.

My wife just told me that a pizza restaurant in Florida exploded…
– I said, “The owner probably had insurance and kneaded the dough.”

If a stupid blonde, a smart Gator student, and Santa Claus were playing cards, who would win?
– The stupid blonde, the other two don’t exist.

They call Florida the “Sunshine State,” which is funny because in the twelve years I lived here, it was only sunny for like twenty minutes – when the eye of the hurricane passed over my house.

WNBA announces plan to play abbreviated 22-game season in Florida beginning in late July without fans in attendance.

Come on. Do I even have to type the punchline for this one?

According to latest news the current Governor of Florida used to own and run his own alligator farm. So not only does he have experience with horrible scaly reptiles.

He’s also worked with alligators too.

What is the coolest letter on a hot summer day?
– Iced T.

Did you hear about the power outage at the Florida State University library?
– Thirty students were stuck on the escalator for three hours.

And if Florida disappeared tomorrow, how would Governor Rick Scott get back to his home planet? Hot air balloon?

My friend asked, “Aren’t you concerned Florida will be submerged from climate change?”
– My reply was, I thought that’s what we were all trying to do, then we will stop.

Are you a Gator’s fan? Don’t get offended to these funny Florida gator jokes. Share with your colleagues while watching the game. Skim through these jokes that only true Gators fans will laugh the hardest.

Where do bakers go on vacation?
– Orlandough.

I always get a little sad during hurricane season in south Florida…
…you could say I have tropical depression.

My family drove past the highest point in Florida on our way to the beach…
– The trip was all downhill from there.

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