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Sloth jokes 🦥 in 2022

I Saw A Sloth Eating A Watch…
– It Was Very Time Consuming!

What’s the difference between a lazy overeater and a flirtatious emo?
– One is Sloth the Gluttonous the other is Goth the Sluttiness.
– Yep made that up on the way home today… Sorry.

My background is degradation and sloth, mostly.

What did the turtle say while dating the sloth?
– Let’s take it sloooowwwww.

Why are sloths the most social animals?
– Because they always wanna hang out!

What do you call a sloth who barely moves?
– A slow-off!

Why didn’t the sloth go extinct?
– It didn’t plan on going anywhere.

What did the sloth wear to the swimming pool?
– His speedo

What do you call a sloth that barely moves a muscle?
– A slow-off (show off).

When should you apologize to a sloth?
– Later… much later.

A sloth goes to a bar to get drunk.
– After a long time and a lot of drinks, the bartender asks the sloth why he is there.
– The sloth replies, “I’m depressed, my wife is leaving me. I bet she’s already halfway through the kitchen.”

They say fast food is bad for you…
– so I ate a sloth.

How did the sloth become President of the tree?
– He slept his way to the top.

What do you call an aristocratic sloth?
– Slowphisticated.

I watched a GIF of a sloth for five minutes yesterday until I realized it was just an image.

How does a sloth hang itself?
– By trying to jump rope.

Sloth motto : Nope. No Way. Not Going To Happen. Not Today!!!

What do sloths make in the snow?
– Slow angels.

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