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Periodic table jokes 🧪⚗️🧑‍🔬☣ in 2022

What’s another name for the Periodic Table of elements?
– The atoms family.

How do you track the reproductive cycle of pachyderms?
– With the Periodic Table of Elephants.

When the elements saw a theft happening, they reported the crime to Copper.

Are you 11 protons?
– Because you are sodium fine!

Why did the bear dissolve in water?
– It was a polar bear.

Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything.

A world renowned chemist dies.
– A world renowned chemist dies. His will states that he wishes for all of his favorite elements from the periodic table be included with his body. They go to his wife and ask “Are we really going to put a bunch of elements in his casket?
To which she replies
“No, just Barium”

Oxygen tried to bond with Sodium over a 2Na sandwich.

Why chemists are so happy when they are in the lab? Because they are in their element.

What did the chemist say when he found two isotopes of Helium?
– HeHe.

What is the chemical formula of coffee? CoFe2.

I would tell a joke about the periodic table.
– But sadly all the good ones argon.

All the elements went to wash their dishes in the Zinc.

What do you do to dead elements?
– You barium.

A proton and a neutron are walking down the street. The proton says, “Wait, I dropped an electron, help me look for it.”

I auditioned for a musical about the periodic table
– I got the lead role!

He paid a nickel to hear some Chemistry jokes. Many of the jokes were Boron, but there was some comedy Gold. They were Sodium good.

I really love the periodic table. Well, not always, but every now and again.

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