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Confucius jokes in 2024

woman who sink in man’s arms, soon have arms in man’s sink

Couple on seven day honeymoon make whole week

Woman who go to man’s apartment for snack, get titbit

wash face in morning, neck at night

He who has a sharp tongue, cuts own throat.

Man who drive like hell, bound to get there!”

Man with hand in pocket all day not crazy, just feeling nuts

waitress who sit on leper’s lap, keep tip

man who eat pussy, do lip service

He who is stupid today is still stupid tomorrow.

Man with tight trousers is pressing his luck.

Gypsies got no babies because gypsies have crystal balls

Man who shoot off mouth, must expect to lose face

man who drive like hell, bound to get there

No husband ever been shot while he do dishes.

Woman who go camping must beware of evil intent

Man who lay woman on ground, get piece on earth

Man who fall in vat of molten glass make spectacle of self.

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