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Tinder Jokes ❤️🔥 in 2023

Hey, I need some directions and it looks like you know how to get to pretty city.

Is your Bluetooth enabled?
– I feel like we could pair.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.

Rose’s are red. You’re cute as a duck.
– Let’s go on a date. And then we can cuddle.

What do you call a string of people lifting a mozzarella cheese?
– A cheesy pick up line.

Are you my appendix?
– Because this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

My mom told me not to talk to strangers online, but I’ll make an exception for you.

Are you German?
– I’d like to be Ger-man!

On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need.

Do you have a job?
– I need a woman who can support me while I play video games all day.

I see you’re serving a life sentence for being sexy, but that’s OK, I like a bad girl/boy.

What was the last song/movie/TV show you listened to and loved?

Titanic. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?

I don’t normally contact people on this,
– but I find you very intriguing.

All your pics came through at a 45-degree angle.
– Guess you’re acute-y.

Are you made of copper and tellurium?
– Because you’re CuTe

You sound busy…
– any chance of adding me to your to-do list?

Just wanted to let you know, you have some cute on your face.

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