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Country jokes 🐄🌾🚜 in 2022

Why haven’t Americans changed their weighing method from pounds to kilograms?
– Because they don’t want mass confusion!

Funny country-name pun (it’s of a small little-known country so don’t worry)
– So there’s his country between France and Spain. It’s so tiny, it’s Andorra-ble.

A german and an american are talking. “My country is so big, it takes me two weeks to drive from one side to the other,” says the American.
– The German: “Oh, I used to have a car like that…”.

What is Russia’s favorite olympic sport?
– Cross-country

What do you call it when a southerner commits treachery?
– Betra-y’all.

A man was rravelling along a country road in his car, when a strange thing passed and overtook him.
– Not wanting to be outdone, the man speeds up his car, but is unable to catch up to the thing. Just before reaching a side road, he sees the thing dissappear into some bushes at the side of the road.

The man turns off at the parallel road and stops at a farmhouse there. He gets out and rings the doorbell. The door is opened by a farmer.

Good Evening sir, I saw a strange object go in your fields. Do you have any idea what is it?

The farmer replies – Oh yes, that must be one of my three legged chickens. I have been breeding them specially.

The man is surprised and asks – Three legged chickens? Why would you want chickens with three legs?

So that when I catch one, there would be one leg for the wife, one for the son and the remaining one for me.

The man nodded, saying – I see. What do they taste like?

The farmer shrugged his shoulders saying – Don’t know. I haven’t been able to catch one yet.

What’s different when you compare the Memphis Grizzlies with a dollar bill?
– The dollar bill is good for four quarters.

Which fast-food chain is most likely to win an NBA Championship?
– Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Continent music,” I replied.

What did Tennessee see that left it speechless?
– The same thing Arkansas.

Why are there no Xbox or PCs in Pennsylvania?
– Because it’s always Sony in Philadelphia.

George W. Bush couldn’t decide what country to invade next…
– He says, “It seems we’re stuck between Iraq and a hard place..”

I asked a north korean what he had to say about the country
– he said he can’t complain

I know why this entire country has gotten so cold.
– It’s because Trump stopped blowing hot air that kept all of us warm.

The Egyptians claim there are no crocodiles in their country
– I think they are in de Nile

Why are the unusually cheerful people of Colorado in their strides?
– Because Colorado Springs.

What is the best part of being in the center of Texas?
– Whichever direction you go, you’re leaving Texas.

Why are national anthems so grounded and seem ancient?
– Well, they are basically just Country music!

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