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Nerdy jokes 🤓 in 2022

What company makes Nerds?
– Your mom.

Why don’t elephants use computers?
– Because they’re afraid of the mouse

How does a tree use a computer?
– It logs on

Why did the monkeys share an Amazon account?
– They were Prime mates

Are you into science?
– Because I lab you so much!

Attention Nerds!
– It would be so much easier if humans came with an error message just like computers do.
Imagine sitting in a restaurant and failing miserably at flirting with the waitress.
“Warning! Error establishing connection with the Server”

If you use 8 bits from a Macbook, are you taking a bite from an Apple?
– Crunch.

Why did the bear dissolve in water?
– It was polar

Your body must be made of oxygen and neon,
– because you are the One.

Yes, I have an iPhone in my pocket. Also,
– I’m glad to see you.

Jokes that nerds tell
– I would tell you a NTP joke, but I don’t have the time.
Got any more

What’s a nerdy witch’s favorite kind of spell?
– a hexadecimal

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